We’re always looking for a cadre of folks who love thinking deeply about fashion and culture and (insert your interest) to write for IBC. We receive over a thousand hits a day, and reach folks all over the world.

If you read IBC, you probably know what our deal is. But just in case, please read carefully before submitting…

Ironing Board Collective’s Philosophical Angle:

First and foremost, we love fashion and we know it. All of it. We love couture and high fashion, designer (big name and local), seasonal trends, accessories, shoes, obscure trends from bygone times, bikers and biker chicks, hippies, poets, artists, barbershop owners, muscle car fans, Black Panthers, fashion stuff we can afford, stuff we can’t afford, stuff we’re obsessed with and can’t afford so we try to fake it from less expensive items… ALL…OF…IT.  We love fashion and, because the fashion industry can be complicated, we welcome our own complicated relationships to it.

We started IBC because there seemed to be a dearth of smart people who also love fashion writing about fashion in interesting ways. Lots of people think fashion is vapid. Lots of people take photographs of themselves wearing things that are pointless so why they start blogs we don’t know. Lots of people are trend followers and write about that, which is frankly also boring. Lots of people think that fashion is nothing but an elitist trope of a vacant consumerist culture, which is depressing and also seems not entirely true. We are not those people. We are people who love fashion, think it’s important in its own right, think it’s beautiful and sometimes hideous, think it is and can be thought-provoking, and think it’s fun to talk about the myriad ways in which the art of personal aesthetics affect our lived experiences.

We think about fashion in some context all the time, because let’s face it–we wear clothes! Otherwise we’d be indecent like that guy on the corner who sometimes isn’t wearing pants.

And some of us are queer. And trans. And straight. And people of color. We think the lens in which you look at things is meaningful, and we’re a fashion blog with diverse perspectives. But we’re a fashion blog first and foremost.


Are you Bill Cunningham? You’re hired!



Who You Might Be (with easy to read bullets):

  • You love fashion. You don’t think that its shit smells like roses, but you love it all the same because you think it can be beautiful and hideous and fascinating and you love  it.
  • You consider yourself stylish in some way. This doesn’t mean you’re always dressed to the nines, or that you’re chasing trends–in fact, we’re not so into trend chasing. Just that you like what you like and you’re pretty confident about it.
  • You think about fashion in interesting, snappy, unexpected ways because you’re passionate about style and culture and how the two dance together.
  • You are a photographer and want to do a photo blog. If you are we REALLY want to meet you.
  • You’re trolling for weird/gorgeous/unexpected items on the regular and would love to share your unique finds with the INTERNET. C’mon! Everyone’s on the internet!
  • You like the idea of scooping the Times Style section and Esquire because they’re actually a little behind.
  • You’re always thinking about the intersection of fashion and ________ (race, gender, class, art, literature, design, lived experience, kittens, etc.)
Did you find yourself nodding emphatically with that easy to read bullet point list? YOU SHOULD SUBMIT!
But first, take the time to read the following posts so that you can get a good feel for what we’re all about.
Infatilized Intrigue by Michael von Braithwaite

Shout Out to Africa!! by Carrie Leilam Love

Oh Zombie Boy by Thomas Page McBee

Hemingway’s Garden of Eden by Leo Plass

You’ll Never Be This Cool: Women of a Certain Age Edition by Michelle Tea

The guest gig is two months/8 posts long beginning in September, November, January, and so on. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. You can write along a theme for the 2 months, or do whatever comes into your head on the weekly. Posts would go up once a week (in keeping with our general format).

I know what you’re thinking, “Omg, do they pay?” Sadly, no. We all do this so our brains don’t explode from over thinking, but maybe one day if we mobilize and make it REALLY magazine-y in a really pro way, we can get paid by the Internet.

If you think you might enjoy writing for IBC, then read a variety of posts, get a feel for the personality of the site, and submit a “dummy” post to Michael (or a clip/link to something you’ve published that fits our guidelines) at  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Additionally, we’re open to “one-offs” so if you have a great idea for a single post, pitch us!

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IBC LOVES your brain, and we encourage thoughtful, lively discussion. We will, however, moderate comments that are abusive or disrespectful. Stay classy!

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