Ironing Board Collective is a space for thoughtful dialogue, humor, aesthetics, and respect. It was started because we felt that the Internet was sorely lacking in sites that engage with the intersection of fashion and culture in thought-provoking ways.

As such, we actively moderate reader comments to encourage a sense of safety and respect. We highly encourage debate, critique, and dialogue, but we do moderate comments to keep the conversation productive.

“Why isn’t my comment displaying?” Consider:

Tone: IBC will not accept comments written in a tone of attacking sarcasm, condescension, or “snarkiness.” Disagreements in a constructive tone are not only welcome, but encouraged.

If you wouldn’t want someone speaking to you in “real” life in the way you just typed out a comment, there’s a good bet it won’t go up.

Language: IBC doesn’t have a policy against cursing unless it’s used in a verbally violent way.

“Isms”: Comments that display overt or subtle racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or any other -ism will not be tolerated. This does not mean that complex dialogues about those topics can’t take place, but no abusive or -phobic language will be posted.

Tangential Reactions: Comments that miss the point of a post for lack of a thorough reading and then fly off the rails about an inconsequential detail will not be posted.

All voices are welcome! All communication “styles” are not. Unlike your local news outlet, we do not want to stir the pot with incendiary comments, but rather engage in a genuine conversation with our readers.

Thanks, as always, for your interest in IBC.

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IBC LOVES your brain, and we encourage thoughtful, lively discussion. We will, however, moderate comments that are abusive or disrespectful. Stay classy!

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