“My favorite fashion blog in the whole world wide web is Ironing Board Collective, a gathering of obsessive, opinionated fashion outsiders who think like fashion insiders.

I demand hyper-intelligent individuals who write with flair and hilarity, bring unexpected insights, are on the same page as I am about the ills of the world AND just love love love love fashion with no guilt, shame or apology. And that’s what you get with Ironing Board Collective.” —Michelle Tea for xojane

The thinking person’s fashion blog. New posts each day from a rotating crew of smart mouths. (For a philosophical treatise, check out our submission guidelines.)

The Collective

Michael von Braithwaite, Co-Editor, Co-Founder (Providence)

Thomas Page McBee, Co-Editor, Co-Founder (Providence)

Michelle Tea, Co-Founder (San Francisco)

Leo Plass, Co-Founder (San Francisco)

Contributors/Guest Bloggers:

Adam Boehmer (Seattle), Tyler Doran (Rhode Island), Shawna Elizabeth (Wisconsin), Anisse Gross (San Francisco), Holly Hilgenberg (Minneapolis), Cheryl Klein (Los Angeles), Alix Lambert (NYC), Terry LaFrazia (Oakland), Matthew Lawrence (Providence), Carrie Leilam Love, (Oakland), Ben McCoy (San Francisco), Sloane Martin (San Francisco),  Olexandra Pruchnicky (Ottawa), Louise Rafkin (Oakland),  Kiki Jai Raj (Aspen),  Sara Seinberg (San Francisco), Samuael Topiary (NYC),  Ricky Tucker (NYC), Cat Tyc (NYC),  Malic White (Chicago)

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