Sun and Santi: A Style Refresh

Goodness gracious, readers! I’ve missed you. As it turns out, trying to have a full time job, a variety of freelance projects, AND a life makes it really difficult to write about fashion and culture. WHAT THE HELL, LIFE?

Given that it’s almost that magical time of year when fellow IBC editor Thomas McBee and I take the hottest months off from editing duties so as not to get fashion and culture editor burnout, I thought I’d at least squeeze one post in before the rest period. Sorry I’ve been such a light touch this summer.

Speaking of summer, one of my favorite fashion plates/musicians just released a new album (sort of, I mean it came out in May)! Lucky for you said musician/fashion plate has a history of killer summer outfits including amazing sunglasses styles.



What. Is. Happening.

Ok, let’s have some truth chats right now. A few weeks ago I wrote about how Wes Anderson helped to lend some hip cred. to the realistically less-than-hip WASP. In CA, I loved dressing a little WASPy just to stand apart a bit from all the long-haired bohemian girls with bangs. Now that I’ve been stewing in the WASP heartland of New England for a year, I remember why I was so drawn to a post-punk aesthetic when I went to college in Boston. Because genuine WASPiness actually gets a little tiresome after a while. Just like bohemian-chic got tiring after a quick minute. HOW MANY BANGS DO YOU TRULY NEED, WEST COAST?

Anyway, I’m 33 now and have no desire to check out a post-punk aesthetic again. And so I’ve decided that a combination of Santigold and a ’60s era Mediterranean will be my look for the summer.  I think it’s clear why, but just in case, let’s take a tour of Santigold’s awesome idiosyncratic style.



Circular, dark lenses with bright yellow top rims!



Sunglasses with GIANT fake hemp eyelashes say “I’m older, and therefore feel more comfortable casually freaking you the fuck out.”



Oh no biggies! Just chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. With monkey sunglasses, the adult version of…monkey sunglasses.




Weird Versions of Grown Up Outfits.

Generally speechless due to awesome.



Another situation, but look at that jumper!


You know what’s going on there? Me either, but it’s from her new video which is basically the best. Why? Snow in reverse, vistas, the above two amazing outfits, etc. Watch! Notice the sunglasses and vaguely political overtones.



Those of you who read my posts regularly know that I have a deep belief that demeanor comprises the majority of what one would call “style.” You can wear awesome clothes all day and all night til your credit card turns to dust, but if you don’t have a demeanor that OWNS your aesthetics… it just might be for naught.

Santi White can dress in the craziest shit, but it all looks good and demeanor is the key.

Is that a frantic audience on your dress, or are you just happy to see me?



I don’t even know. I mean… yeah, no idea.



So adorable.



Is it me, or does she kind of look like PJ Harvey here?








So, I think it’s going to be fun to combine some Santi style with a little classic Taylor circa various boats in Italy plus some Talented Mr. Ripley (I know I know! Everyone hates Paltrow).





We’ll see what sort of style cocktail comes of this. I wish I didn’t have a day job so I could really push this to the max. ALAS.

HAPPY SUMMER!! I’ll be thinking of you.

About Michael von Braithwaite

Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.

One comment

  1. Loca78

    her style’s hot and she has a cool name, but I only ever found like 1-2 songs I really liked, inc., “You’ll find a way.” I feel like her music doesn’t live up to her style and the hype.

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