Where Are They Now? An IBC Round-Up.

We’ve had a pretty star-studded, smart, stylish stable of contributors to IBC over the past two years (!), and the other day I was looking at the list of who’s written for us and wondered: what are these bad-asses doing right now?

So I did what you do: I sent an email and now, for your click-through enjoyment at the start of summer, a brief summary of what some of the  brightest minds I know are doing. You now have even more awesome reading/viewing/listening material. You’re welcome.

*Some people didn’t get back to me in time, in which case I may have Googled them and guessed. Or just guessed.

Takeaway: everyone is amazing all the time.



Michael Braithwaite, Co-Editor, Co-Founder

Michael is kicking ass and taking names, and I’m not just being biased. See: her film reviews on the Rumpus and her new series on the wedding industrial complex for Bitch as examples.



Thomas Page McBee, Co-Editor, Co-Founder

That’s me! When not working eternally on my memoir, I’m mostly writing a series on masculinity and transliness called “Self-Made Man” for the Rumpus and artfully queering the Boston Phoenix. If you want, follow me here.



Michelle Tea, Co-Founder

What is Michelle not doing? When not running Radar Productions and writing a new book, she’s writing a series on her own TTC journey over at xoJane!



Leo Plass, Co-Founder

I’m not sure what Leo’s up to, but I bet that, whatever it is, it’s handsome.



And, as for our guest bloggers:

Adam Boehmer

Adam’s focusing on his music. Check out his band, Tenderfoot.

Tyler Doran

Tyler runs the amazing antiques store, Heir. You already want everything.

Shawna Elizabeth

Shawna is a hurricane of incredible projects. Check them all out:

Femme Theory
Fuck Yeah Femmes
Valencia the Movie Chapter 3

Anisse Gross

Anisse is the film editor at the Rumpus, and also she writes brilliantly.

Holly Hilgenberg

Holly runs the very cool C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies are Powerful) project, which, she says, “… covers a wide range of topics, everything from feminist art gallery shows, to the morals of Ru Paul’s drag race, to mix tape playlists, to an upcoming article on being in a bi-sexual polyamorous relationships.”

Cheryl Klein 

Cheryl says things are “quiet” currently, but we keep up with her over at Poets and Writers, where she does an incredible job.

Alix Lambert

Alix is directing a film about bullying in a small town in Ohio. The film, called Mentor, looks deeply important. She also has writing forthcoming in The Minus Times and The Creosote Journal.

Terry LaFrazia

Do you know that Terry is a rock-and-roll star? It’s true. New projects:

Luff – “Maybe Its Just Sleeping”  (released April 2012)

with a special shout-out to the track Terry helped create, which is now a video directed by Leah Meyerhoff.

Matthew Lawrence

Matthew co-edits the beautiful Headmaster magazine.

Carrie Leilam Love

Carrie “spent the spring teaching and mentoring and graphic designing two books.” Rad!

Ben McCoy

Ben has been killing it as a blogger for City Lights.

Sloane Martin

Whatever Sloane’s doing, she’s doing it with style and grace.


Olexandra on the side of a bus!


Olexandra Pruchnicky

Olexandra is doing a million cool things! She’s in a band called the Peptides, doing another small electronic project, her face is on billboards all over Ottawa (see above), she’s worked on a short film that’s currently being submitted to festivals (acting and composing), and she’s been writing a bunch of stuff, including this.

 Kiki Jai Raj

Kiki is somewhere in Aspen, being super cool and very arty.

Sara Seinberg

Sara is a health coach, which is rad because, as she notes, health is “always stylish.”

Ricky Tucker

Ricky was a reader for 12th Street literary magazine and head editor for Andy Presents: Nothing Special.

Cat Tyc

Cat is working on this awesome movie, Swap.

Malic White

Malic just wrapped up an excellent series on gender for Bitch.

About Thomas Page McBee

Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here: www.thomaspagemcbee.com

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