I Want Your Skull: Grown-Up Goth

Andrej Pejić.

Although we may present a sophisticated sartorial face to the world, many of us still feel punk in our hearts. The “grown-up goth” look is all about elevating an edgy aesthetic. I still have an affinity for the morbid and macabre, but have relinquished the ragged tights, combat boots, and torn kilts of my misspent youth. Here are some ways to incorporate a classic goth/punk symbol into your wardrobe/home without feeling like you are regressing.

For the dapper:


Pocket square.

Velvet slipper.

Ipad sleeve.

For the home:

Excavate this chalkboard skull from Etsy.

Cross bones style.

Little hard femme teapot.

Crystal skull vodka.

Decorative gold skull from Amazon.

No Yoricks were harmed in the making of these accessories.

Scarf by Alexander McQueen.

Tank by Actual Pain.

Gloves by Vivienne Westwood.

Siouxsie is Queen.




What Would Daphne Guinness Do?

Fashion Ossuary.

A chandelier made of bones in a church I visited in the Czech Republic.

Swimsuit by Black Milk.

Top Shop bra.

The skulls are artfully arranged in the catacombs of Paris.

Thomas Wylde black lace.

Skull harness.


The more delicate the better.

My fellow Canadian Jessica Stam

(Most images culled from Pinterest and Svpply)

Danzig (and feline companion) approved.


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