Gift Guide for Geminis (OR an Excuse to Look at Pretty Things on an Ugly Day)

Is it raining where you are, too? I have S.A.D., so this shit is depressing me. Because I’m a double Libra, my reaction to a weather bummer is to go fantasy shopping. RESULT: I’ve culled the Internet for a bunch of beautiful stuff for all your Gemini birthday, “just-because,” or “something-special-for-myself” needs. You’re welcome.  You can repay me by buying me all of these things.

Alright, so even though it doesn’t feel like it, summer’s coming. Every summer I want a ball cap that doesn’t make make me look like a skater teen. The search’s sense of elusiveness may have had something to do in the past with the pin-size of my skull, but somehow testosterone seems to have broadened even my forehead, so maybe this year I’ll finally have some options. Anyway, how about this?


DQM Low-Ground Polo Cap, $32.


This is a shorts-and-a-T-shirt-but-you-don’t-look-12 baseball cap. They’v got several really beautiful colors, but this is what works for my skin tone. Hold you hand up to the screen and test your own! Because that’s what I do when it’s disgusting out at the start of summer. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Rogue Territory RK Natural Selvedge Canvas Trousers, $195.


Okay so this sort of cheating because these are currently stocked at WHARF (New England’s best menswear store), and Rob is ordering them in for me in my size (pro-tip: size down). Hopefully they fit and you’ll see me rocking them all summer. For some reason they’re not listed on WHARF’s site, but they currently stock them and I highly recommend buying from them there if you can (free shipping on all orders!).

Anyhow, I fell in love with these for a lot of reasons: they’re canvas but they’re selvedge, so they act like jeans; you can dress them up semi-formal or do a laid-back summer thing with them; they’re beautiful and the fit is awesome.

If I had my druthers (i.e. $$$$ and more $$$$, instead I have a career in the ARTz), I’d also buy another pair of my most favorite jeans ever:


Nudie Jeans Tube Kelly Org 16 Dips Dry, $215.


I am currently wearing the pair I’ve owned for five years, despite the clear evidence that they are finally falling apart: rips across both knees, despite two rounds of professional patching. BUT I LOVE THEM. I bought them at the Barney’s denim wall after years of not being able to find a pair of jeans that fit me right. I walked in, dude takes one look at me and hears me out on my concerns, and delivers them to me over the wall of my dressing room (IN THE RIGHT SIZE) like a fucking miracle. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Best jeans ever. RIP.


WM. J. Mills‘ Sag Harbor Hunter Green Duck Duffel (25.5” Long x 11” Dia.), $169.


I love canvas as an alternative to leather for luggage. My not-wife, Michael, got me an awesome canvas overnight bag a few Christmases ago that’s my go-to for quick trips. But a huge, durable duffel like this is perfect for longer stays, and it can take a beating. Luggage shouldn’t be precious, but it can still be gorgeous.

Backpacks, however, need to be a little fancier than a school bag if you want to (again) avoid looking like a teen. Maybe it’s current my potential for teen ‘stache, or maybe it’s just that I’ve hit my early-30s and don’t want to fall into that depressing trap of dressing young, looking old. Anyhow, I love this:


Archival Clothing, Rolltop in natural, $220.


Also, I don’t know, it’s FUCKING SUMMER so maybe I just want to wear light colors and not be in my winter flannel right now.

If you are going to go skater, why not dress it up? Vans has been doing a great job with grown-up versions of their always-relevant shoes, and this new looks is no exception:


Vans California Era Washed Paisley (Better Chocolate), $55.

I’m already imagining wearing these without socks, post-rain. Until then, stay warm and remember that summer will be back after this dumb, rainy interruption.

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  1. Could you write up a gift guide every week? It’s like getting a lovely hug from Capitalism. Plus, here in London it rains ALL THE TIME.

  2. Michael von Braithwaite


  3. Those gift guides are similarly alluring. I searched “DQM London” and have so far only found “Dave’s Quality Meats”. Topman’s new boutique “General Stores” are stocking The Quiet Life caps…Might look into that.

  4. This post makes me feel super lucky to be a Gemini.

  5. Venus Mares

    Libra Libra, huh. Nice, sweet. Literally.

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