House of Luxery-Legay

Majestic Legay is a trans/genderqueer femme who blogs about style, sex, gender, relationships, whiteness, body politics and self-love. They mix theoretically informed queer criticism with personal writings on activism, art, and aesthetics.

Jessica Luxery met Majestic through Tumblr and recently expatriated to Canada so they could be together (ROMANCE).

Can I just say that I am proud of my homeland where two such radical queers can actually legally marry?


I am happy to have Jessica as one of my own. Her interviews in this documentary The Fat Body Invisible almost brought me to tears. She pleads the case for radical self-love, and performs a flagrant femininity. She writes:

“I’ve adjusted my life to make room for my hypervisibility. I realized when I was getting into body acceptance and fat politics how my body’s visibility was being used against me and how I would feel comfortable and more importantly empowered fighting back. I fight back by making myself SUPER FUCKING VISIBLE on MY terms and presenting myself in a way that forces you to see my fat body but see ME in it…. I WANT to be threatening. I want you to think about shit when you see me bouncing down the street.”

Basically my new hero, she uses fashion as a weapon, a source of confidence, and a tactic to force a confrontation with onlookers on her own terms. I wish I could see her bouncing down the street.

Together the Luxery-Legays have started a video blog called Heavy Petting where readers can write in for sex and relationship advice. The couple usually responds from bed amidst some rumpled pink sheets with Jessica in a lacy vintage peignoir and Majestic decked out like a hybrid dandy/leather daddy.

The two are a colorful post-queer theory power-couple straight out of John Waters’ Cry Baby. They proudly thrift all of their clothing, and are extremely generous with their insights into overcoming fat-phobia, sexism, homophobia, and living out big dreams.

You can address your own question to the Luxery-Legays at

Subject line: Heavy Petting

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