Tomboy Style! With Couple Icons Nicki and Tim Bluhm of Brokedown in Bakersfield

With the release of Tomboy Style, a book based on a fantastic style blog of the same name, I felt it was a really appropriate time to talk to you about one of my biggest style icons of late, the beautiful Nicki Bluhm, who is featured in the book.


Nicki's on the right. Audrey Hepburn on the left. Photo by Feather Love Photography.


Nicki was also interviewed for the blog (click here to read the whole thing) and my favorite quote? “A love of rock and roll, paddock boots, denim, dirty hair, big packs and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale…is what makes me have Tomboy Style.” What a dream girl. Plus, she lives in the Outer Sunset, one of my favorite San Francisco neighborhoods.

The first time I saw Nicki Bluhm, she was onstage with the country covers band she fronts with her husband Tim, Brokedown in Bakersfield. She was wearing an amazing pink dress and high-heeled white cowboy boots. It was my first date with my now-boyfriend, and I’m kind of shocked that he didn’t just back away slowly in the face of my utter fangirlishness. But seriously, she covers Tammy Wynette in a voice that sounds like she’s sobbing, and she dresses like this for shows:


Is that a full-length paisley dress? I think SO.


Here she is in some wide-leg pants that I am far too short to pull off, sadly.


She plays the tambourine awesomely. In a fantastic vest and flares, no less.


Action shot!


Did I mention she is also my hair icon? How does she see through those bangs? How does she get that volume?


When I saw Brokedown in Bakersfield again last week, it made me more determined than ever to discover how to look that amazing all the time. And also how to make the crown of my hair higher. I actually stood in front of my closet, looking for things to sell at work, and thought: “What do I have that Nicki Bluhm would never wear?”


She dresses just as well at home. Maybe better. Also she has great interior decorating.




Nicki’s husband Tim, who plays with Brokedown, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, and is best known as the frontman for the Mother Hips, also has really great style.


Every man needs fantastic plaid shirts.


He's got this awesome cowboy/surfer thing going on.


I have to admit that I really love the denim-on-denim thing.


This week I bought my boyfriend some Wrangler jeans so that he could emulate Tim while I’m working on being as much like Nicki as possible. If Nicki were half-Chinese and couldn’t sing at all, you know. I have no proof that Tim Bluhm wears Wranglers, but cowboy jeans make your backside look amazing, and so I feel like he would.


Here's a gratuitous picture of Brokedown in Bakersfield. So cool.



Nicki recently became kind of a viral video sensation with this cover of Hall and Oates. It’s been stuck in my head for a week. You’re welcome. (P.S. I totally rode in this van. Not with her. But right after the show at the Great American last week. It’s a long story.)


About Sloane Martin

Sloane Martin is a writer, reader, collage-maker and used clothing store worker in San Francisco. She collects wide-brimmed hats, ankle boots, leather jackets and bolo ties. Lately she's been going for an urban cowgirl kind of thing, but less costume-y than what you're picturing. She gets really excited about good breakfast foods, Japanese whisky, and making lists (she's a Libra, obviously.) Sloane was once told that the children's book Eloise explained a lot about her, and she doesn't disagree. 


  1. pointpointclick

    All denim, all day!

  2. Anne Seales

    The paisley thang is a pantsuit, we got to see Nicki leaving Big Sur in it last May, heading for the big city and Wavy Gravy’s birthday extravaganza. Spectacular. And Tim totally does wear Wranglers. Also these things that look like the hopsack polyester Levi’s my grandad wore in the 70’s… Surfer Cowboy Grandpa style. Love it.

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