Surf’s Up! Some Summer Inspiration from ’60s LA

The recent turn the weather’s taken and an impending trip to LA has me thinking about beaching it. I have a few different swim trunks that I’m lusting after, but the forerunners are definitely these guys from Saturdays NYC:


Polka Dot Boardshort.


I also really like these:


Also by Saturdays NYC.


Saturdays NYC does a great job of incorporating (interestingly, given the coastal orientation involved) ’60s LA surf culture into a modern look. Thus inspired, I figured I’d put together a bunch of awesome photos of people looking amazing during LA’s surf heyday (or more recent lookbooks inspired by that aesthetic). If this doesn’t get you psyched about summer, you hate the beach. Or you hate LA. Both things are sad for you.

(PERSONAL NOTE: This summer is a very special one for me. Today is my manniversary, marking my 10th month on Testosterone. By beach season, I’m planning on swimming shirtless–a comfort I’ve looked forward my entire life. SO I’M VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE SUMMER.)

Here we go:








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