Belstaff, Leather Pants, and Tough Looks for the Fancy Badass

Belstaff is not messing around.


First, I must address the Elephant in the Blog. Leather Pants.

I know, who wears leather pants really? Motorcycle people. Mick Jagger. Creepy Tom Cruise. Folsom Street. The many connotations are not good ones, but the appearance of leather pants keep popping up season after season. It was not my intention to write about leather pants, because as you might have imagined from my past posts, it’s not my scene… but then I saw Belstaff’s 2012 Collection. Could it be? End-of-Days toughness with an insane dose of luxury, with none of the trappings of leather-daddy crudeness.

Granted, I’m still not sure I could pull off many of these looks, nor would my wallet allow for such a flight of boldness, but it got me thinking. Are my social references outdated and clouding my vision of what’s interesting and, wait for it… fashionable?


Matching lady look of not-messing-around-ness.


This current Belstaff collection mines more of the tough luxury and vast archive of workwear that has been a mainstay for the brand since its inception in 1924. The first to waterproof cotton, before calling it wax wear, they spent much of their energy outfitting motorcross drivers, cycle racers, and adventurers who needed extra-durable outerwear. The iconic belted jacket has been seen in multiple variations from wax wear to leather to the female blue Aligator shown above.


Hottest all black ensemble ever... really.


An American designer named Martin Cooper, who spent years redeveloping Burberry, was named chief creative director  just seven  months ago and has helmed the British brand for the new collection. This motor jacket is pretty much perfection, and you don’t have to wear it with leather pants. In fact it’s best not to really. And the boots…


Belted Belstaff Luxury.


And the womenswear is quite exceptional, as well. I always find belted coats hard to wear, but they look great on some people. I almost always look like I’m trying to conceal something, be it a weapon or a heavy lunch. #stuffedsausage


Perfect for end-of-days chilliness.

Oil slick dress. motorcycle history, and feminine toughness collide.

New Belstaff ad campaign by Steven Meisel. We all kick ass!


Gerrett Neff doing his best to look good in Belstaff.


Belstaff has also in past seasons done a diffusion line, partnering with J. Crew to offer “less expensive” options. Read: still expensive.


Benjamin Button in a classic Belstaff jacket.



Leather pants or not, throw out your preconceived notions and reinvent your inner Mad Max (outdated social reference). These looks might not work while your standing in the bread line come end-of-days, but it you have a motorcycle and need to escape to the desert, this is what you should wear.

About Tyler Doran

Tyler is the owner of Heir Antiques, a curiosities shop in New York. He lives in the seaside-ish village of Wakefield, Rhode Island where he collects crazy stuff and forms very serious opinions about wildly unserious things. Doran loathes chenille anything; even blankets but especially sweaters. He lives for rare roast beef, unripend peaches and frozen candy (Haribo gummi bears being the best). Tyler plays tennis, swims and bikes to try to look like a 1920′s Olympian and so that he can eat frozen gummi bears and not feel all that guilty about it. His last three Halloween costumes were a Demonic 18th Century Aristocrat, a Demonic 1920′s Olympic Badminton Player, and a Bulgarian Strongman Circus performer from the 30s. Turn of the Century team photographs of guys in cricket blazers and striped football sweaters never cease to inspire him to dress like an English gentleman on a transatlantic steamship or at picnics by the lake. He once had an incredibly detailed dream about being a stowaway named Whisker Mittens on a ship bound for the African coast and he romanticizes histories in a big way.


  1. Wow! These are fantastic. I hadn’t heard of Belstaff before, but these looks are fantastic.

  2. Kat

    I do ride a motorcycle, and fuck me, I want this entire line so bad it makes my skull hurt. I’m hyperventilating, so I’ll be back in a mo, after the light-headed feeling has passed.

  3. Hello, just wanted to mention, I liked this blog post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

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