Calling All Nancys: The “Craft” Edition

While I did learn something from Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (like how not to cross your legs on laundry day) , I needed a more relatable kind of femme fatale to look up to as a teenager. Someone you could imagine ditching school with, driving up to the graveyard with with a box of wine and some tarot cards, and making big decisions like: Should you put a love spell on the object of your affection, or hex their partner into transferring schools?

Hey Girl, Let's cast a circle!

Nancy, perfected by Fairuza Balk, in 1996’s The Craft, was my teen-dream BFF. THE EYELINER. THE LIPLINER. THE DOG-COLLAR. THE BLACK PVC JACKET AND MATCHING BOOTS.  I think a lot of us might have secretly wanted her to win-out in the end—when she was seriously losing her shit, and, you know, trying to murder her former besties. (Hormones + High School x Witchcraft = INTENSE!!!!)

So, I was thinking about Nancy the other day. Like, ok, its  been over ten years since she got locked up in the mental institute, what if she found some really good meds, a non-judgmental lady therapist, and got released? What would she be doing? Who would she be hanging with? And, more importantly, WHAT ARE THEY WEARING? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a style editorial inspired by Nancy and The Craft:

Ben McCoy & the Power of PEPLUM.

This is a black leather bustier strapless dress with PEPLUM. While Victoria Beckham counts the calories in each breath of air, and Lagerfeld faxes fake apologies to Adele, peplum is fashion’s current trend that is decidedly pro-curves. Peplum is a great way to let people know that your waistline observes the ancient practices of The Goddess, which includes eating and digesting solid foods daily.
And for all of you out there who have never slathered up a beeswax candle in oil before carving ancient names into it by the light of the full moon, I ask you this: Doesn’t the following picture that  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California snapped of five men voting on women’s health rights yesterday make you want to JOIN A COVEN immediately and INVOKE THE SPIRIT????

Yes. Yes, it does. So once you realize that we are on the brink of living in the Dark Ages again, and that the war on women’s bodies is very much alive, you may  want to gather up support.  Because as empowering as practicing Wicca may be, hanging  out with spirits, ancestors, and deities by yourself can start to feel like pulling an all-nighter in an AOL chatroom.

This is Danielle Jackson, a jewelry-maker and all around style SORCERESS. While the flow-y and sheer maxi cardigan drapes around her silhouette softly, this woman is not to be pushed around. I mean, did you see those shoes!?!? Jeffrey Campbell Studded Heels are the perfect footwear to show that, while you may not ride a broom, you certainly WON’T be taking a backseat for ANYONE. (The silver studs are especially repellant to those wolves in the Patriarchy!)
Up next we have Rhani Lee Remedes, an excellent musician, singer, and songwriter. Making music is one of the most complex forms of witchcraft there is. The paisley shorts paired with the fringed halter and floral hat is an combo platter that jumps eras, textures, and evokes lazy Sundays by foggy pools of water.  I am loving Rhani’s choice in soft, muted colors. While department stores are currently hijacking our attention spans with an over-exaggerated use of neons and color-bombs, this look is like the last day of spring; something to savor, something you’ll miss, something to dance for. The absinthe-colored lips are a great visual metaphor protesting the bio-piracy of global warlocks, Monsanto.
In The Craft, the character Sarah, played by Robin Tunney, cast a glamour spell to give herself blonde tresses.
 The look was magical and cute, although temporary. I’m sure Nancy and the girls would have been much more impressed with my gal pal Siobhan. You don’t have to be an otherworldly spirit to have otherworldly glamour. Siobhan is a video and multi-media artist. The color, texture, and curl of her tresses is truly a lesson in practical magick, and combining it with an eggplant-toned leather capelet is the best idea since getting your Tarot cards read by that lady who made your mom cry.
Here’s the gang together proving what witches have known forever: Every style cauldron should be bubbling hot with layers, capes, maxi-dresses, lace, headdresses, and a multitude of all things sheer, just like your last ex’s attempt at “re-connecting with you.” Completely see-through.
Let’s go in for a close-up. If you’ve been wanting to add a new color palette to your wardrobe this season, I suggest taking a note from Rhani’s spell book: Add a new color to your face! People aren’t bored with your personality— they’re bored with your face! Adding a new, bold color will be the special ingredient to get your mojo going. And check out Siobhan’s SNAKE belt. The girls will never want to shed their skin looking this good.
True style cannot be bought; it must be honed, tested, studied, played with—like an instrument, a recipe. While common folk coordinate their clothing with their shoes and bags, witches coordinate their wardrobes with their incantations. Wearing polka dots in two different colors is a great way of summoning the obscure and esoteric Egyptian god STOD AKLOP, which is ‘polka dots’ spelled backwards!!!!! Danielle ‘s over-sized hat is an excellent choice in communicating to others: My mind will LITERALLY eclipse yours.
                              And don’t be afraid to compare notes! It’s what covens, and side-eyes are for!
Because miniskirts are for seducing regrets, I like to invoke the Spirit in a custom-made dress made by my friend Daniel Auger. The length is perfect for a priestess, but the slit says I still know how to party.
                                                                    Talk to the hand; all eight of them.
As we saw in the film however, society has consistently set females up to question their friendship, stab each other in the back, and fall victim to petty power-plays.  This invisible and divisive enemy can also play out in one’s wardrobe.
Below I am wearing an all beige, semi-sheer mini-dress with horned shoulder-pads made for me by Daniel Auger. The Devil doesn’t wear Prada, she wears BEIGE.  Siobhan is wearing a fringed headband with matching capelet, a black-and-white (magick) corset, and leggings that have a tiger’s FACE on them.
Note the tiger face on the leggings! While some people go under guided meditation or a weekend retreat in attempt to connect with their animal spirit, Siobhan simply WEARS hers on her thighs. Thighs make great pillows for animal spirits.
So, in closing, should you start to feel empowered as you add witchcraft to your personal style and invoke the Spirit, remember what happened to Nancy, and instead of “taking it to a dark place,” instead of freaking out and losing your shit on the ladies who have been there for you, instead of hexes and elaborate curses, bindings, and nightmare rituals…just remember, sometimes smiling is the best revenge of all.
 And if not, well make sure you grab a bit of their hair for the next dark of the moon!
                                                              XOXO, Ben McCoy
****Editorial Photos by Charlie Stephens

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  1. anissegross

    This makes me want to live. From one major scorpio to another, I want to be in your next shoot!

  2. Fantastic! Playful, timely, with a nod to the tarot. It is sad that so many girl group friendships end in tears. Perhaps with better fashion choices? I tend to think more sequins can solve anything.

  3. Bern

    YOUR PEN, is the mightiest off all swords!!! And, I Loves me some Siobhan….

  4. I love this post SO much. Ladies (not to mention pastels) have never been so powerful.

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