Baring It All: Shoes To Show Off Your Legs In Style

I’m currently floating in the Caribbean doing research for a later IBC post about cruise style. The pay-by-second internet service, along with everything else on a ship at sea with a captured audience costs a fortune, so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and talk about the shoes that I’ve been coveting all winter long.

I’m the kind of guy who likes to show a little ankle, turn a calf like a proper Victorian and bare a leg in my fancy shoes. I’ve got nothing against dress shoes with socks and I’m no fetishist of the foot, but when it comes to summer footwear… go nudie naked.

Cole Haan. Who knew?

In mid November while shopping online for other people/myself, I came across the Cole Haan website. I felt I knew The Haan well enough to know it wasn’t my thing, but low and behold, so many wonders did I find that afternoon! I’d been looking for the perfect saddle shoe for at least two summer seasons and had come up empty. That perfect bit of 50’s wholesomeness, pared with a fresh kick-ass feeling of new shoe dreaminess. FOUND!

Cole Haan and Nike got in bed together and made a stylish, comfortable shoe with sneaker sole technology and perfect proportions. Offbeat color combinations and unexpected patterns make these aptly named “Air Coltons” the new “Jordans” of the Air franchise.

I’ll let the images do the convincing.

Life Altering Shoes.

I was gifted a pair of Florshiem/Duckie Brown‘s for Christmas from my lovely husband and have worn them bare-ankled most evenings on this ship at sea and plan to bring the nudie naked calf and shoe back to Rhode Island in a big way. Are you ready Little Rhody??

Alexander McQueen Boots. It is still winter and I must wear something on my feet until spring...

About Tyler Doran

Tyler is the owner of Heir Antiques, a curiosities shop in New York. He lives in the seaside-ish village of Wakefield, Rhode Island where he collects crazy stuff and forms very serious opinions about wildly unserious things. Doran loathes chenille anything; even blankets but especially sweaters. He lives for rare roast beef, unripend peaches and frozen candy (Haribo gummi bears being the best). Tyler plays tennis, swims and bikes to try to look like a 1920′s Olympian and so that he can eat frozen gummi bears and not feel all that guilty about it. His last three Halloween costumes were a Demonic 18th Century Aristocrat, a Demonic 1920′s Olympic Badminton Player, and a Bulgarian Strongman Circus performer from the 30s. Turn of the Century team photographs of guys in cricket blazers and striped football sweaters never cease to inspire him to dress like an English gentleman on a transatlantic steamship or at picnics by the lake. He once had an incredibly detailed dream about being a stowaway named Whisker Mittens on a ship bound for the African coast and he romanticizes histories in a big way.

One comment

  1. Michael von Braithwaite

    I want those Alexander McQueen boots for my own. Perhaps I can glue a nice belt to some boots I currently own for a close approximation.

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