Introducing Guest Bloggers Alix Lambert, Tyler Doran, and Ben McCoy

Hello, readers! We hope you all had a happy holiday season and a fantastic New Year. We’re back next week with an exciting round of guests who will be blowing your mind on the weekly. Check out the lineup below. See you next week!



Alix Lambert.


Alix Lambert’s feature length documentary “The Mark of Cain” was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and aired on Nightline. She went on to produce additional segments of Nightline as well as produce 7 segments for the PBS series LIFE 360.

Lambert has written for a number of magazines including Stop Smiling, ArtForum, and The LA Weekly, among others, and is an editor at large for the literary journal OPEN CITY. She is the author of four books: MASTERING THE MELON (D.A.P.), THE SILENCING (Perceval Press), RUSSIAN PRISON TATTOOS (Schiffer Publishing), and her book CRIME (Fuel Publishing). She also wrote and directed CRIME, USA.

As an artist Lambert has exhibited her work to international critical acclaim, showing in The Venice Biennale, The Museum of Modern Art, The Georges Pompidou Center, and the Kwangju Biennnale, to name a few. She is currently in production (as director and producer) on two feature length documentaries: He/She/He (about gender identity in Albania and Samoa) and Mentor (about teen suicide and bullying at Mentor High in Mentor Ohio).

Lambert is a recent MacDowell Fellow.



Tyler Doran.


Tyler is the owner of Heir Antiques, a curiosities shop in New York. He lives in the seaside-ish village of Wakefield, Rhode Island where he collects crazy stuff and forms very serious opinions about wildly unserious things. Doran loathes chenille anything; even blankets but especially sweaters. He lives for rare roast beef, unripend peaches and frozen candy (Haribo gummi bears being the best).

Tyler plays tennis, swims and bikes to try to look like a 1920’s Olympian and so that he can eat frozen gummi bears and not feel all that guilty about it. His last three Halloween costumes were a Demonic 18th Century Aristocrat, a Demonic 1920’s Olympic Badminton Player, and a Bulgarian Strongman Circus performer from the 30s. Turn of the Century team photographs of guys in cricket blazers and striped football sweaters never cease to inspire him to dress like an English gentleman on a transatlantic steamship or at picnics by the lake. 

He once had an incredibly detailed dream about being a stowaway named Whisker Mittens on a ship bound for the African coast and he romanticizes histories in a big way.



Ben McCoy, photo by Ginger Robinson.


Ben McCoy is a writer, performance artist, and actress. McCoy has toured the country twice, most recently with Sister Spit. Ben has slung words, stilettos, and served slices of LOL-pie to audiences across the country while raising a well-manicured finger to homo-and-transphobia and misogyny everywhere.

McCoy was recently published in the anthology Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme. Surprisingly not a Leo, McCoy is a quadruple Scorpio. Currently Ben is enjoying a mutually bewitching affair with San Francisco.


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