What Are YOU Wearing to Turkey Day?

Readers! Tomorrow one of my favorite rituals is happening. I am waking up early, driving out to the small farm that’s providing me with my Thanksgiving turkey, and bringing the bird home to brine for 48hours for maximum tenderness. I chose a farm that’s only a couple of miles away and was recommended by the farmer that grew all of my summer vegetables (because I live in a tiny city in the tiniest state with a fierce commitment to localized food economies). The turkeys who live on the farm are treated better than many humans (which is a different conversation) until the day they meet their maker–Farmer Baffoni.

On Wednesday I’ll begin another of my favorite traditions: picking out the clothes I’m going to wear for Turkey Day dinner. This is a very personal ritual for anyone who partakes in this historically twisted, and yet delicious holiday. I have a few friends who started planning their outfits in September! It occurred to me that this might be a great time to put out another call for images from YOU. Some of you might remember  that I did something similar for the 4th of July and was met with a barrage of fun pictures of readers across the U.S.

So. What are YOU wearing to your Turkey Day dinner? Where ever you are, whoever you’re with, document your Thanksgiving style and send along pictures of ensembles, dinner table decor, etc. Though I usually post primarily about womenswear stuff, all genders are welcome and encouraged to submit! I’ll do a round up next Monday and you can brag to all of your friends that you finally made it to the Internet. The INTERNET, folks! Imagine.

Send images to: mvonbraithwaite@gmail.com

Ew! The General Public!

On a slightly different note, the day after Thanksgiving, as we all know, is the shit show known as Black Friday and I’d like to encourage everyone to shop as locally as possible for their Holiday gifts this year. There’s an ideological and, at this point, literal war going on out there over the ways in which corporate greed has corrupted our government and our very existence. Why not use the season of giving to give back to your community, rather than to the coffers of companies who have done more harm than good?

Check out local craft fairs, stores, etc. Local economies have something for everyone, even the fashionably-minded. If you live in a retail-challenged city (i.e. your primary options are Target and WalMart), no problem! Check out handmade gifts by individuals on Etsy, look up bags, scarves, and other gifts on “Made in America” sites. Buy art from actual artists at your local art school. There are lots of ways to keep your money local, or at the very least national!

The bonus is that you don’t have to wait in line at 6am with the mobbish, sticky public for “deals” on crap that only cost $.05 to make and has no real personality.

In fact, we’re always taking one-off submissions, so if you have some great tips for non-corporate gift buying, send them along! We can create a list of resources together.


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