Tricks for Treats: Halloween Costumes You Can Wear All Year

In just a few days, disgraced public figures and produce will prowl the streets on their annual quest for treats or booze.

This is terrifying.

Unfortunately, most ridiculous Halloween costumes just can’t be recycled.

Except for this one.

I have worn every Halloween costume I have ever owned more than once.  The “werewolf hands” I wore one Halloween when I was 7 became my winter gloves.

I was a weird kid.

When my mother made me a tree costume (definitely not my favorite–all the neighbors said I was “such a cute little flower”), I recut the fabric into a shamrock shape and won my elementary’s school St. Patrick’s Day costume contest.  I just can’t watch a good costume go to waste.
 So here’s my proposition: for my last Friday as an IBC guest blogger, I challenge you–no, I implore you–to make this year’s costume shopping strategic.  Think of this Halloween as an opportunity to treat yourself to a new outfit or accessory.  Now is the time!

You can easily harvest some of the pieces required for the following costumes and incorporate them into your daily wardrobe.  So do it!

The Pirate

Ruffled shirts, feathered hats, boots, and chunky belts can easily enhance the wardrobe of any bohemian dandy or gent.

The Werewolf

The Wolfman (1941)

Rihanna rocks some wolfish accents.

A fur bodysuit might not be wearable in warmer weather, but faux fur cuffs can make excellent additions to any autumn/winter sweater.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Fishnets!  Corsets!  Heels!  Yes, this Rocky Horror favorite has been done many times before, but who can resist the excuse to purchase a new pair of fingerless gloves?

Gomez Addams

IBC blogger Anisse Gross already credited Wednesday Addams with the creation of “pilgrim goth” style, but the patriarch of the Addams family deserves a shout out too.  With his chalk-striped shirt, slicked-back hair and pencil stache, Gomez combines the meticulous style of John Waters with the gothic flair of Vincent Price.  Use this Halloween as a opportunity to get classy and break out the Brylecreem.

David Bowie

From this... this!


About Malic White

After surviving a childhood in musical theatre, Malic White appreciates hyperbole and maintains a strict regimen of diva worship. At 5'2", he scours thrifts stores and Chicago sidewalks for anything that might be Malic-sized. His writings will cover glam rock, zombie fashion, the art of cheapskatery, and whatever the angsty teen boys are wearing these days.


  1. Michael von Braithwaite

    WOW! I want to be the last lady. All the time.

  2. My mom was big on costumes that had a sweatsuit as their base. The biggest hit was a pink sweatsuit-turned-Energizer-bunny costume. One might argue that there aren’t a lot of year-round uses for pink sweats, but it was the ’80s, and there were.

  3. The last photo made me think instantly of you Michael! Does that make you happy? It should.

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