TOTAL BUCKNESS (of which I know nothing about)

Buck, if you don’t know, is basically the abridged version of the term buckwild.  Buck people are starting things; they’re saying things.  They’re energy personified, but they’re not totally off their rockers (usually).  They’re in control of the wheel, the car just happens to be going 100 miles an hour.  I’ve been thinking about total buckness, when I became completely enamored with Azealia Banks, the young buck on the block.  Now I should mention that even though bucks are male deer, women are buck too.  Buck is a gender-neutral term, which makes it that much more boss.

Back to Azealia Banks.  I stumbled upon her video through a link in a post on a blog and sat in stupefied wonder over her crass, fresh single 212.  It’s worth noting that the video keeps being taken down due to copywright “claims,” (don’t jump to conclusions people), which is why by the time you click on it, it already may be taken down.  But even more than being infected by the song, I was taken by the audacity of someone wearing a mickey mouse sweater saying some things that I’d be remiss to type here. See how unbuck I am?  I’m too ashamed to even retype the lyrics of a 19 year girl from Harlem who has the guts to say things I barely have the guts to think.

Anisse Gross?  Not buck.  Azealia Banks?  Total buckness.

After you’ve distracted yourself with ten straight hours of watching that video, you can now deliberate young buck fashion with me.  I’m focusing in particular on female hip-hop stars, as they’ve bucked the trends.  Now I want to make something clear:  Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, these girls do not dress buck.  It’s a fine distinction that I’ll try to suss out below.

First up, I think of Lil Kim.  When I actually stroll through her images, though, she seems to be appealing to the gaze.  In this outfit for example, it would at first appear that she doesn’t care, that her outfit is just straight crazy, but still she’s falling prey to being a fashion victim of sex appeal.

might be buck if you were wearing a shirt?

Granted this is the first time I’m articulating my thoughts on “buck fashion,” which doesn’t appear to be a genre… yet.  These are outfits are carefully constructed to let you know that what may come out of this person’s mouth might not perpetrate, or even be pleasing to, your normative ideas.  Okay?

Next up is BO$$ – female rapper once described by Emanuel Wallace from as a lady who “doesn’t give a fuck, not a single fuck, not a single solitary fuck.”  Unfortunately, it was probably easy for her not to give a fuck because, as it turned out, she came from a pretty well-to-do family.  Regardless, here’s her outfit to let you know how hard she is.  After watching the video below, you try and find me a harder female rapper.

She's dressed for an occupation....and not the career kind of occupation.

Next up da brat, coming out of the water like she’s got something to say.


I'm acting like I know! I promise! Stop pointing at me like that!

Missy Elliott anyone?  Nothing says, “I don’t care what you think about what I’m wearing” like a giant inflated garbage bag onesie, and a razored gold bike helmet, with built-in bug-eyed lenses.  That’s buck.  I think.
Next up is someone who toed the line with respect to this topic, because while her outfits were buck, she always looked so cute and ladylike.  That’s Left Eye.

This is literally buck.

For my last example, I want to leave you with what I felt was probably the most buck outfit worn in recent memory.  And that is none other than MIA, pregnant, at the Grammys.  She subverted every expectation of what a pregnant women should be dressed like, topped it white high tops, and rocked it.  She’s since gotten rich, and sort of passed the buck, fashion wise.  But in the end, if someone is dressed like anyone in this post, be prepared to hear something you might have been afraid to even think.  I know you expected me to wear something else.

To summarize, if you dress as recklessly and boldly as you live, if you don clothes that are as outrageous and rough as the things coming out of your mouth, then you’re probably buck.  As I’ve discovered by writing this post, I’m just a little doe.

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  1. Michael von Braithwaite

    I would venture that since I can’t even say “sexy” and most of my outfits incorporate toggles or 40s-style slacks, I am not buck. Alas.

  2. I listened to the BO$$ record until I melted it when I was in college. I wonder if it’s possible to be buck when you are so baked, the only thing you really wear is the couch? Nonetheless, that was a very nice flashback for me. And, I’m out.

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