Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Adam Boehmer’s Big Three for the Fall

IBC will occasionally feature the voice of a special guest writing a single post. This one’s courtesy of Adam Boehmer. You might remember Adam from Michelle Tea’s feature post on his woodsy, dandy stylings last year. We liked him so much, we wanted to know what he and his beard had to say about fall fashion. 

Adam Boehmer

Adam Boehmer is secretly writing a zine in his mind about thrift store etiquette. He breaks his past-due cellphone bills into easily-affordable payments so he can buy new jeans.  He grooms his beard with a tortoise-shell comb from the Netherlands. He owns entirely too much (not enough) old leather and turquoise. He makes music, writes poems, teaches dance, and owns an industrial strength glue gun.

The wolves of N. Hoolywood. Anyone up for a bagpipe bro-down?

Hey ya’ll, it’s almost fall!  It’s the time of year when all the furry gentleman of the animal kingdom layer in dapper tapestries like wolves at a tea party. Here in my new home of Seattle, WA I’ve been spending time strolling down Pike and Pine (the glittering arteries between Capitol Hill and downtown’s shopping distric) oggling these animals, then recording their progess over an Old Fashioned at Smith pub.

Here are some looks I  like in fall menswear.

Hey Saddle Bags!

Let’s face it: we are in a time when every bag looks like it was anachronistically snatched from the rusty coathook of a 19th century feedstore. The leather backpack is currently cresting in this sea of workwear throwbacks. I have a love-hate relationship with these bags (read: I own two).

Six will be over with her horse whip in just a sec, k? Bag by Sandast.

These guys are one-part “Oh this old thing? I just happened to find it while re-shoeing my draft horse;” one-part BDSM dripping with metal hardware accouterments; and one-part Blossom’s overnight bag (oh yes this is sooo deliciously early ’90s).

Great for lip gloss and arrow heads. Bag by Great River Canoe Pack Co.

The leather backpack and its patterned-wool “Santa Fe-chic” cousin continue the trend of turn-of-the-century looks for men. In San Francisco recently, every men’s boutique felt like a gypsy wagon had just backed up to the sidewalk of Valencia to sell tools and wares, and I was so in. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman is my ROOT, ok?  Even as far away as Copenhagen, where I recently had the joy of shopping between gigs with my band Tenderfoot, men’s stores have gone rural-pioneer, exalting an air of masculine rigor.

Gotta Have My Pops!

What’s new here this season is a lot more color. Let’s pair that Texas Tuxedo with a POP of lime, shall we? Flashy orange hunting caps, neon blue shoe laces, and candy-colored sunglasses brighten even the most neutral of fall wardrobes.

For glow-in-the-dark pub crawls. Look by Alexandre Mattiussi.

For real, though, the trees are doing it right now!  Let’s take a page from their book and add a burst of warm, bright colors to our brown bark and grey flannel skies.  It’s also a great way to casually reincorporate your more colorful pieces from spring and summer into your outfits.

Is that an EKG on your sweater cuz my heart just skipped a beat. Look by Michael Bastian for Gant.

Look, Mom, No Socks!

I hate socks. No wait, I love socks. I love warm, cute, wooly, stripey socks on a cold day in winter. However, if it’s warm enough to get away without wearing any, I won’t. And the denizens of Seattle seem to agree. (Also, can we please say that those little footie socks on guys are not OK? I recently was made to wear a panty-hose sock to try on gorgeous doe-brown cap-toes in a shoe store in Philadelphia and I felt like I was wearing a cheese cloth foot condom.) 

If your feet start to smell, wash them. If your shoes start to smell, sprinkle baking soda in them. Dress shoes without socks with a rolled up cuff is about the sexiest thing on a human-beast I have ever seen. Complete that look with a few fall layers to protect your vital organs from the cool climate, and you’re on to something.

The wolfish Adam Pedersen-Doherty eschewing socks. As photographed in NYC for BackyardBill.com

Let’s keep this no-sock thing going till at least the first snow (San Francisco, read: YOU NEVER HAVE TO WEAR SOCKS AGAIN!) Just remember, if you thrift  like me, spray down those penny loafers with some Lysol, k?

Seriously? If I had a burlap sack this guy would be in my trunk already…and I don’t even drive.

That about wraps up my fall trends forecast from Seattle. I’ll leave you folks with this rule: the trick to awesome autumn layering is looking good at every step as you remove and replace layers throughout the day. Sometimes after I’ve completed a new fall look I practice undressing myself in front of a full-length mirror.

Sometimes, I don’t end up leaving the house at all…cheers!



  1. Michael von Braithwaite

    Bravo, sir! I love menswear so much. I wish I could find more xxs items to pop into my own repertoire.

  2. Really excellent work, Mr. Boehmer! Wolves unite!

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