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Readers! Hello! Here we are at another Labor Day weekend, that bittersweet pivot point between summer and fall. As the long, hot days begin to wane and we look ahead to cooler weather (or warmer weather, for all of you Bay Area folks), autumnal color palates, and a variety of seasonal activities that bring with them their own special cocktails, it is our pleasure here at IBC to bring you also a new round of fresh-faced, whip-smart bloggers.

As promised, we’re back  and ready to take on fashion, culture, art, and life and we’ve brought reinforcements. Please take a moment to orient yourselves to the faces and brains below. They’ll be with you throughout September and October and we couldn’t be more tickled to work with them!  In addition, we’ll occasionally be posting pop-up posts by other intriguing people. If there’s something you’ve been dying to write about, but don’t have the time to post weekly, send us your pitch for a one-off.



Cheryl Klein is the writer behind two books of fiction, Lilac Mines and The Commuters, and Bread and Bread, a blog about life, arts and carbohydrates. She likes clothes that are bright, daring, unpretentious and cheap (insert “just like she likes her women” joke here). One Halloween she put on a very eclectic outfit, pasted a black rectangle over her eyes and went as a Glamour “Don’t”—a creature every bit as mythical as a witch or vampire. She hopes her guest stint at IBC will be a dialogue with the fashion magazines she’s always loved and hated.



Sara Seinberg will be nosing around the closets and kitchens of her favorite Bay Area food icons. She’ll talk to chefs, cooks, and foodies about the fashions of food and the tastiness of fashion. In the meantime, you can find her tearing through cookbooks like vampire novels, devouring dino kale and the season’s stone fruits by the bucket, and hanging the Holistic Health Coaching sign on her door for her new business, Fog City Health. Or she could be hanging out with her handsome hound, Gus.



Anisse Gross is a San Francisco-based writer and gift artist who tries to fall in love a little every day.  She qualifies as a fashion blogger because she once hand-stitched clothes on the floor of a Manhattan apartment for clothing label Imitation of Christ.  She has fitted naked supermodels and sewn leather belts by hand.  Dress code?  Less skin.  Tip for vintage shopping?  Always buy old lace.



Holly Hilgenberg is a writer and artist based out of Minneapolis, MN. After receiving her Masters in Mass Communication Research and Theory from the University of Minnesota last year, she decided become a professional whim chaser. Shunning the desk job route, Holly got a job at local resale shop Everyday People; started Operation Sparkle, a thrifting blog with one of her best friends; founded a creative women’s zine called C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies are Powerful); and started writing freelance about vintage and resale fashion. Happily, she discovered that her interest in politics, independent media, feminism, and critical thinking can actually intersect with her love of fashion, and can’t wait to explore this intersection on Ironing Board Collective!



After surviving a childhood in musical theater, Malic White appreciates hyperbole and maintains a strict regimen of diva worship.  At 5’2″, he scours thrifts stores and Chicago sidewalks for anything that might be Malic-sized.  His writings will cover glam rock, zombie fashion, the art of cheapskatery, and whatever the angsty teen boys are wearing these days.


The Thinking Person’s Fashion Blog, starting Monday, September 5th.


About Michael von Braithwaite

Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.


  1. So three out of five of us mentioned vampires or zombies. Is fashion about to follow literature?

    I’m super excited to read all of your fabulous posts, my fellow guest bloggers!

  2. hollyhilgenberg

    I WISH I had mentioned vampires in my bio. Talk about missed opportunities! Can’t wait to see what the next two months hold! Here’s to less missed opportunities and more interesting discussion!

    • Michael von Braithwaite

      Now I feel like I should have something about popular monsters in my About Me. So excited to read all of your posts!

  3. anissegross

    Guess what? I’m not interested in vampires or pop monsters, so I’ll be your animal anomaly. xo!

  4. Momar


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