Gone Fishin’ (and a Call for Submissions)

Good readers, it is now officially August and here at IBC, a blog full of writers who come from a variety of arts backgrounds, that means that we’re taking the month off to travel, hit the beach, find swimming holes, work at interesting summer camps that make kids do smart things, or move to NYC. For those of you familiar with art gallery schedules, August is a hot, lazy month of few sales and fewer visitors–everyone is either on vacation or about to be on vacation, not looking at art. While a blog is not an art gallery, we thought we’d give it a shot anyway. All those studies say Americans work too hard, right? Is the internet work? That’s a subject for a different blog. Either way, we recommend you get off the web and into some water ASAP.

But just because we’re taking a writing break to live the good life, doesn’t mean there’s not a lot in store when we return!

A Twist: in September, we’re not just coming back to blogging business as usual, we’re going to [try] to take IBC to its logical next level [bum] [bum] [buuuummmm]… an online magazine-y blog! And we need you and yours!

Over the past year and some change, we’ve had a blast spinning fashion/cultural yarns and waxing poetic about the merits of risk-taking and not risk-taking and feminism and art and queer theory and couture and gentlemen and race theory and on and on and on, but we’ve had MORE fun interacting with our oh-so-smart readership. So we thought, “hey, why don’t we get a whole gaggle of oh-so-smart writers who want to talk about the intersection of fashion and ________.”

The Challenge: we’re looking for a cadre of folks who love thinking deeply about fashion and culture and (insert your interest) to write for IBC. If you read IBC, you know what our deal is. We’re not so into posts of people wearing their favorite outfits, since we figure the rest of the internet and many teens have that pretty well covered. We’re also not so into ripping shit to shreds, as Dlisted and various other sites have THAT angle pretty well down. What we’re hoping is that there are a lot of you out there who think about fashion in interesting, snappy, unexpected ways. Maybe you don’t think about the intersection of fashion and culture, but you’re passionate about style and you’re philosophical about it. Maybe you have a unique background that makes you wonder about why sewing patterns use certain lines. We don’t know, but the possibilities are endless.  What’s important is that you write, you think, you like fashion, and you want to get your ideas out into the ether. Also, that you write reasonably clean copy.

We’re also open to multi-media approaches! I’m looking at you, in particular, photographers. Maybe you want to do a photo blog. Great! Do it and do it well.

We’re thinking it might be nice to do 2 month stints per blogger (a la Bitch Magazine and Original Plumbing). You can write along a theme for the 2 months, or do whatever comes into your head on the weekly. Posts would go up once a week (in keeping with our general format). I know what you’re thinking, “omg, do they pay?” Sadly, no. We all do this so our brains don’t explode from over thinking, but maybe one day if we mobilize and make it REALLY magazine-y in a really pro way, we can get paid by the internet.

If you think you might enjoy writing for IBC, then read a variety of posts, get a feel for the personality of the site, and submit a “dummy” post to mvonbraithwaite@gmail.com by August 26th. We’ll welcome the new writers on Monday, September 5th!

Ironing Board Collective: one of about a million online magazines starting in Sept.

NOW GET IN SOME WATER! Fashionable water.


About Michael von Braithwaite

Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.


  1. Liz

    No posts in August?? 😦 I understand but I am understandably sad about this!!

  2. Makeda

    ugh! I’m sad – but looking forward to the next iteration of IBC 🙂

  3. Michael von Braithwaite

    Aw. Thanks guys! In the meantime, pass the word to any talented writers or artists you know! See you soon!

  4. My therapist is also taking August off, which I’ve learned is common in the therapy world. Fashion is my backup therapy. What’s a girl to do? Get started on my dummy post, I suppose. 🙂

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