Hi, You’re Stylish! Katrín Lilja Ólafsdóttir puts the Reyk in Reykjavik.

Reykur in Icelandic means smoke. The name of Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, means Bay of Smoke. I’m pretty sure they call it that because Katrin Lilja Ólafsdóttir lives there and her outfits are ON FIRE.

I found Katrín while perusing Chie Mihara’s (who you may remember from last week’s post) face book page.  I was looking through fan photos when I came across this:

My favorite is when people commit so-called fashion no-no’s and come out with a YES! She is mixing brown and black, stripes and pattern, sleek & sexy and masculine&baggy and it’s all equaling out to hotness!

Katrin was kind enough to answer a few style-related questions for an admiring stranger.

CLL: What is your fashion philosophy?

KLO: To me it’s quite simple, don’t always follow what is ‘hip’ nowadays, wear what you think looks good and what makes you feel good, wether it’s a vintage dress from your grandmother’s old closet or a nice comfy jumpsuit. As long as it looks good to you, wear it.

Did somebody say "comfy jumpsuit?"

CLL: Who/What are your greatest fashion inspirations?

KLO: Tough one! There isn’t just some one person, but for example I like Ashley Olsen’s style, I really like the comfy/chic look. Also I love to watch old classic movies and women like Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth and more really inspire me. But mostly it’s just the people around me, people I see walking downtown or I find on the internet.

Katrín in a Mary-Kate-esque long flowy top with leggings and cropped leather jacket

CLL: Tell me a little about the fashion scene in Reykjavik?

KLO:  It’s very much alive, Reykjavík just keeps growing as a great fashion capital. We have a lot of very talented fashion designers here. It’s also great because it has such a big variety of styles.

Katrín with another fashionable citizen of Reykjavik, her friend Hildur, who has a fashion blog called hilrag. (Click on this picture if you would like to visit it).

CLL: Do you think fashion is important to society? Why? Why is it important to you?

KLO: I think it’s very important, because the way you dress is one of the first things people see when they meet you, and in order to give people a good first impression it’s better to look good, let people see you have a personal style. Fashion and style helps you express you and by making your own personal style you are expressing who you are without words.

This outfit is saying: I'm adorable, spunky, and easygoing

This outfit is saying: I may not have been conscious in the 90s but I think I understand them completely.

This outfit is just looking at the one above it going, "What she said."

CLL: What do you do when you’re not going around in amazing outfits?

KLO: Right now I’m finishing college and in January I’m moving to London to live with my boyfriend. London is my favourite city so this is all very exciting!

I think London will love this better-than-Burberry vintage cape Katrín is wearing.

CLL: What are you studying in school?

KLO: My biggest passion is photography, and when I move to London I’m going to study it.  Right now, I’m not planning on going into fashion photography although I really like it, but I’m more about capturing moments, moments that might never come back, I’m not much for telling people to pose for the camera. But who knows, that might change as soon as I start studying photography more.

If you want to see Katrín’s photography, check out her flickr.

moment: captured!

another moment! I love the blue-on-blue-on-blue happening here. so joyful!

CLL: Please share your most triumphant fashion moment!

KLO: Oh my! I have absolutely no idea, perhaps it was when I bought my first pair of Chie Mihara shoes, because they go well with everything! So after I bought them I feel I can look fabulous with a pair of jeans and a coat only by wearing them! Woop!

Dear, Katrín, your Chie Miharas are rad, but I would like to nominate the following for “Greatest Fashion Triumph”:

"Bad Bitch from beyond the Cosmos"

"Prayerful Insane Cowgirl"

"Romantic Nighttime Ice Huntress" or "Romantic Daytime Ice Huntress" ...hard to know which is appropriate in an arctic winter.

CLL: Please share an embarrassing fashion moment

KLO: I had a very embarrasing fashion (if I dare call it fashion) phase of the year 2006, all I would wear were these horrible silver and gold spandex leggings with huge t-shirts and bright neon pink lipstick! It was a nu-rave phase and I can’t even look at photos of myself from that time. I’m very thankful I got over it.. hah!

[Embarrassing fashion moment un-illustrated to protect the interviewee!]

CLL: Anything else you want to share?

KLO: I’d like to share my favourite Icelandic designers at this moment, this is a sister duo called KALDA. I recommend checking it out, it’s good!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit with Katrín! She was a joy to e-meet and only furthered my problematic exotifying romantic fascination with Reykjavik.




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  1. Ingrid Göland

    She is a true insperation. Like the flower that you never dare to touch!

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