Here’s a Post of Ephemeral Influences: Food for Thought

Yesterday Carrie Leilam Love and Ricky Tucker got so jazzed about posting what was on their fashionable minds, they both posted on the same day. What a treat for Wednesday! Unfortunately, Thursday felt rebuffed. So I thought it might be fun to take a bit of a break and just post some of our ephemeral style influences.

As you may or may not have guessed from reading this blog over the last year, we here at IBC chit chat a lot about A LOT. Our [life]style influences are great and varied and incorporate everything from bygone eras, to fuck-all goth-queer-punk-subaltern-uh-oh, to cultural theory/philosophy, to astronomy (maybe I made that last one up, I don’t know). In fact, Carrie Leilam Love, Thomas McBee and I used to have a “philosophy club” that involved fancy garden brunching in fancy clothes while discussing everything from critical race theory to the ways in which biodiversity influenced clothing styles through the ages (or maybe we didn’t discuss that, but I wanted to). We also discussed cocktails, so it wasn’t always quite so heady.

Anyway, point being, style is pretty well integrated into all of our life philosophies and derives its inspiration from all things great and small. Here’s a a post of some (but not all) of those things from some of us. I know Ricky and Michelle will have things to add to this, so their contributions can go up as they come.

Michael von Braithwaite:

From "Vanishing America," by Michael Eastman

From "Vanishing America," by Michael Eastman

I tend to be as influenced by atmospheric imagery/colors/textures as I am by actual fashion. Fashion feels more like a means to an end, rather than the end, which is why I tend to go for an overall evocative look more than a look that says “I know what’s up in the fashion world.” The two above photographs by Michael Eastman basically encapsulate exactly what I love most: slightly worn-in classic. I love when you can tell that something used to really glitter, but now it’s rough around the edges, which gives it so much more of an intriguing character. The muted colors and lightly dilapidated  quality make me want to explore that space. Not that I want strangers exploring the space that is Michael von Braithwaite.


Jean Seberg

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jean Seberg is my spirit animal.

Airship designer and Polar explorer Umberto Nobile

I love the look of polar explorers and despite the many gender, lifestyle, and temporal differences between us, I strive to look like this in the winter.  AIRSHIP DESIGNER! Swoon, y’all.

Carrie Leilam Love:

Jamaican Woman Fighting the Police

I love the photo of the Jamaican woman because she is dressed like a lady with a white cardigan and very traditional purse (which she doesn’t even drop as she grabs the cops billy club with one hand and his face with the other) but she is doing something radical – no matter how you feel about violent resistance or what we know or don’t know about this situation it is definitely a BIG DEAL that a black woman is physically defending herself from a white policeman – or attacking him! Either way.

High-Class Bitch on a Polo Field

The woman in the tartan on the polo field is just appealing in that High-Class Bitch sorta way. You know?

Thomas Page McBee:

Lately I’ve drawn a lot of style inspiration from people just doing their thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about identity and gender for obvious reasons, and I appreciate the small ways we symbolize our differences.  I take great comfort in knowing that physiologically we are all basically the same, but I also love the prism of presentation that allows us to denote our individualism. So, from some street style blogs:

GQ Style Blog

Flannel as a layer. I’ve been doing this for awhile and it’s probably pretentious to say it, but the way that trends morph into choices which echo between people is kind of Jungian.

Backyard Bill Blog

I really like this new thing of normal people (not business people or skaters) buttoning their shirts to the collar. I really like this guy doing it with his beard, like rugged dress up.

GQ Style Blog

Socks! A man’s best friend. No better place to show your true colors.

Back to Michael von Braithwaite:

A brief note about the lovely man at the top taking part in the Kumbh Mela; I love looking at the ways in which people from different cultures incorporate ceremonial/spiritual/ historical elements into their dress. This is a truly tangential influence that never comes out directly because it would be sort of weird for my American, white, Dutch/German/English, freckle-covered self to throw on a turban or a gandora and be done with it. BUT I REALLY WANT TO!

We here at IBC wonder if we’re alone in drawing inspiration from random bits of life, or if you all do that, too. What are your influences…fashion and non fashion alike?


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Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.

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  1. a resounding yes to all that stuff.

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