You’re So Cute, Honey: Americans Can Get it Together, Too

It worked! As you know, I put a call out on the 4th for images of you in your best United States of America birthday garb. While I didn’t a blizzard of jepgs clogging my inbox as I’d hoped, I DID get a few choice pictures from around the country. It’s pretty amazing how many of you not only wanted to get dressed up in the ol’ Red White and Blue, but how many of you actually OWNED America-themed outfits. Or bits of outfits, as is the case with Mr. Bruce here.


Let me just summarize what’s happening in this incredible glittering moment. Bruce is wearing American flag short shorts (read: underwear), WHITE sneakers with BLACK socks, a muscle tee, and clutching a chain link fence while drinking Jack Daniel’s straight from the bottle. This poetic scene is all topped off by the fact that whoever made this photograph employed the use of the Kim Anderson greeting card technique. You know the ones.

God. The Worst.

Here are some more pretty sweet AMERICA outfits that you folks sent in (or in some cases, that I pilfered from my friends’ Facebook pages):

Holy Shit! Captured by Anisse Gross at a BBQ in SF. Do you think Sarah Palin would believe that people in coastal cities are real Americans, NOW? No. She doesn't care. But this guy cares very very much.


Some of you might recognize Amos and Rocco (aka Katastrophe) in that above picture. Amos and Rocco have a magazine called Original Plumbing that everyone loves, myself included. They also know how to color and pattern compliment as is evidenced by everything that’s happening that I support in that photo. Also, CAKE. Is there a Boxing Day Cake? I bet not.

Whoa. Wait. THAT’S AN ICE CREAM AMERICA CAKE. In your face, Boxing Day!!

Not everyone dressed up in varying flag motifs. Cass, from someplace he didn’t specify, sent in these pictures of his friend’s Great Gatsby inspired BBQ!

Nice! Old style champagne glasses!

The Great Cassby! Sorry. I'm 80.

He wanted you to know that these were the shoes he was wearing:


To quote Cass, “What’s more American than dressing up in dandy clothes inspired by a book written by an old white dude?”

Aw. Dandy Love.

Anisse sent along these pictures of the awesome BBQ she went to in San Francicsco. I will have you know that in the SEVEN YEARS that I lived in the Bay Area, I never ONCE saw a sunny, warm 4th of July. It waited until I left. Alas and alack.


Kiddie Pool!! Check out the girl with short hair in the black and white dress on the right.

A variety of BBQ outfits, but look at the guy in the striped shirt with the nice legs in the background

My friend Christopher, in Boston, ended up celebrating by partaking of one of our country’s [debatably] finest exports: the Amusement Park! Six Flags, to be specific. Christopher has always had great style, but it’s been fun to watch it mature over the years. I love his sunglasses. And the sunglasses/old school haircut combo is just fantastic.

Six Flags and the best Sunglasses

Speaking of sunglasses, here’s Michelle looking very relaxed on the 4th in hers!

I love the lipstick, matches the necklace, compliments the stripes thing going on here.

She’s doing a very abstract “Stars and Stripes!” I love it. And as someone who never wears lipstick, I’m always amazed at those who not only have the courage to wear red lips, but who can pull it off so well! Bravo.

Finally, since I think I’m the only IBC contributor to have never included an image of themselves in their posts, here’s what I wore over here on Block Island, RI and then in later in Boston, MA. As promised last spring, I am sticking with my plan of wearing white pants as much as possible this summer. It’s amazing how much cooler they keep you when you’re drowning in 90 degree heat!

Drinking Narragansett beer, "The Official Beer of the Clam!" Is that a weird innuendo?

Deeply considering my future sister-in-law's "wedding boat ride music mix" at her BBQ

Thanks to everyone who played along this week! See you next week when I take us in a very different direction with Iris Van Herpen’s jaw dropping fall 2011 couture show!


About Michael von Braithwaite

Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.


  1. Michelle Tea

    I especially like the continued competitive resentment at the BRITISH! Those bastards!

    • Michael von Braithwaite

      They tried to tax us without representation! ASSHOLES!

      • Amal Joury

        without the british there would be no fourth of july. so there. you’re only able to have this day because someone gave you an opportunity to be RADICAL. that’s right. i yelled that. (my somewhat epically delayed comment)

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  3. That abstract Flag outfit had me feeling slow and communist. EXACTLY what a fashion blog should do, inspire. awesomesauce, indeed.

    Next year I’m gonna nail this genre.

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