Chesty Gillespe’s Spirit Animal is Peg Bundy

This is Chesty Gillespe:

And this is her spirit animal:

I like that Chesty’s spirit is a person not an animal because my spirit animal is an early 70s muscle car, also not an animal. Hey Chesty, does your spirit animal wanna drive my spirit animal?

I asked Chesty how she came to realize her spirit animal was Peg Bundy, and this is what she said:

“Everyone always talks about their “Spirit Animal.” I was convinced mine was a Tiger until Saturday  at pride when I was putting on a vintage leopard spandex mini-dress with black flower printed lace leggings and flat black knee-high boots and I blurted out “Peg Bundy!” to some friends in the middle of another thought.

“Peg is amazing, we are pretty much the same person with very few differences. We both love: spandex, animal print (mostly tiger and leopard) high heels, higher hair, and Makeup. We are both undersexed and like skinny jeans and most importantly LARGE GOLD JEWELRY.”

The above pics are for a glam-rock themed photoshoot and not how Gillespe gets down on the daily, but Chesty did give me the DL on her every-day style philosophy:

“Statement pieces are crucial, wether its jewelry or a top, or a jacket, or a fun pair of pants. I have been in the beauty biz for a long time, so wearing black is my normal daily color pallet. Setting off one physical asset is a must: top or bottom, but most of the time both! There is a fine line between classy and trashy, so I tend to show off the legs or the cleave, not both at the same time.”

Some Chesty essentials:

Knee-high flat boots (black) a girl’s got to be able to get where she needs to go!
Gold! My signature statement piece of jewelry is my door knocker earrings in gold or silver:
Fur, I only wear Vintage Fur. (Sorry I love it):
Your HAIR  is your best Accessory
Last piece of advice from Ms. Gillespe: Do NOT ever be afraid to shake it!
Well, said my friend. Well said.

About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.

One comment

  1. Your feature on Ms. Gillespe was inspiring. Tigers all over the world(including the special white ones from Vegas) wish they had the power that is Peg Bundy.

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