Even if the last couple of days have been miserable and rainy, I’m generally still FREAKING OUT about sustained summer. Beaching, grilling, gluten-free beer drinking, a day stretched out before you like a yawn–wow, I missed this. The unfortunate truth that I’d sort-of blocked back when I was dreaming of nighttime t-shirts on the west coast is that summer also brings with it an edge of panic. There is so much to do outside and so little time in which to do it!!!

We keep abandoning home projects on the weekends in anxious-summer-go-go-go-ness. There is a sawhorse in my living room right now! Just leave it, we have to get to the beach!

Okay, scene. Point is, I know I’ve been kind of stuck on summer lately but since I know for a fact that a great many of our excellent readers resides in locales with actual seasons, I hoped you wouldn’t mind. And since summer is on my brain 24/7, I am compulsively driven to share summer styles with you. (Also, I think SF had a summer one-off this week, so you all can get down, too.)


Nothing says summer like seersucker, and nothing says, “I live in a place with seasons” like a seersucker belt:

Seersucker Belt by A.P.C.

Shoes! These Sperrys are super bad ass. Only for summer, impractical for winter: these guys could possibly handle a dry spring but that’s it; which is exactly why I like them. Impermanence is real, man.  Summer is a spiritual pursuit.

Sperry x Band of Outsiders

I am a pretty understated guy. I like to look contained, classic, and timeless. But I also believe that shoes are a menswear secret weapon. If you play your cards well, shoes can add just the right amount of personality to any outfit.

These would be great with white jeans, Ray-Bans and a cocktail, for instance:

Sperry Top-Sider Striper Plimsoll Sneaker

Or with slim shorts (like so) and a day at the beach (not included):

Left Field Angus Young Shorts for Spring 2011

Left Field is famous for their shorts and with good reason. Check it out:

Left Field Angus Young Shorts for Spring 2011

BAM! And if you are sitting on your front porch, eating an ice cream, then here you go:

Left Field Terry Shorts

This guy has the right idea:

Camo River 2012 Summer Collection: YES

OBVIOUSLY THIS SHOULD BE MY LIFE! And your life, too. Bird watching in a meadow?  Binoculars? Everything he’s wearing? SUMMER!!!

Where will you store said binoculars? In a rucksack, of course!

Rucksack In Navy from Archival Clothing

Now more shoes! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Keds has been ON IT lately:

Keds Champion Laceless Jute

And for your dinner/cocktail parties, you’ll need a pair of these (NO SOCKS):

Buchanon by Bass

In conclusion, I just realized that pretty much everything in this post is blue or white. Now we all know Thomas’s favorite summer colors. It’s like an ocean. What’s up, subconscious?


Water: get into there!


About Thomas Page McBee

Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:


  1. I want that belt on me, post haste!

  2. Cathy


  3. i love the dreamy hudson bay blanket/adirondack chair lifestyle. it’s what i’m usually going for at home, but the heat of summer has more recently been finding me lying in the middle of our braided rug in my underpants, watching melrose place on the internet.

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