Vintage Kid Fashion = Modern Adult Fashion

I went camping last weekend and I saw this woman wearing slim overalls cinched with a long belt over a plaid shirt with windburned blonde hair. She looked amazing! The best part was she was dressed that way because it was practical for hiking. She wasn’t going for a look, she was the look.  So I planned to do this post all about overalls and hiking fashion but while I was looking for those pictures, I came across this:

This is Gioinetta (L) and Chiara (R).  How amazing is Chiara’s outfit? As soon as I saw those amazing shorts with the head scarf, knee socks, brogues and nubby short cardigan I decided this post would be about vintage kids wearing stuff I want to wear as a modern adult.  Here we go!

I want the wide-leg pants with pointelle cardigan and head scarf from the little lady second to right, and the baggy overalls with folky embroidered straps and oversize jacket from her sister second from left.

Woah. I read somwhere that before the 50s, there was little separation between adult fashion and kid fashion. Basically at some point girls had to wear longer skirts and boys had to wear long pants, but that was it. “Teen Fashion” was created by corporations who wanted to market things to “Teen Consumers.” So it makes sense that this little girl looks just like a miniature lady.  I love the narrow cut of the blouse and the neck-er-cheif.

Ahhh we get overalls and plaid shirt afterall!

Blazer with shorts! Adorable on skinny Italian boys in 1963…

…and on gorgeous tastemakers in Modern NYC.

This one’s for YOU Michael Von Braithwaite! Those boots!

High-waisted a-line miniskirt! And her mama’s outfit is gorgeous too. They don’t seem too sure about those pigeons.

What past kid-fashion do you wish you could rock today?




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i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


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