Hi, You’re Stylish! Facebook Edition

Hi! You’re Stylish!

I have 603 facebook friends, and I went through the profile pictures of every single one to bring you today’s post. There were political posters, lots of adorable babies and vacation shots, but what I’ve curated for you here are my friends who’s pictures exhibited STYLE. Please, allow me to introduce my most stylish facebook friends:

photo by Austin Faustography

Pick your chin up off the floor already! That is Malila Becton, and she is working this classic bombshell look like woah. I love the color blocking in this outfit.

photo by Rick Marr

That is Melissa Chamberlain, aka Miss Moxxxie #XOXO of the San Francisco Shevil Dead, the baddest Roller Derby Team in all the lands. I LOVE the pattern mixing here, anchored so sweetly with neutral boots and bomber jacket. I love the absurdity of the giant pink bunny ring along with the preciousness of the floral and the sexiness of the black lace tights. there is some big deal thing about those pink bunnies that she and her Mr. (Rick Marr, who took the photo) are really into and lots of other people seem really into to but I don’t know anything about it.

photo by Lauren Verby

This is Jelly Jellerton, or at least, that is her moniker on facebook. I biked 150 hilly miles on a fuji crosstown with shocks on it with her, and we bonded as we rode past the oyster farms in Point Reyes. I really like this t-shirt — dress? I can’t tell which this is. But I LOVE engineered prints! When a pattern is arranged to follow the cut of the garment, like the vertical stripe sets on these drapey sleeves, it makes things seem less busy and more ordered, so you can have lots of details without it looking chaotic. I also love a pair of simple big gold hoop earrings.

photo by John Michael Berry

This is my friend Anisse Gross with Richard Brautigan. Richard Brautigan always put a photograph of himself with his current girlfriend on the cover of his novels, and Anisse always thought it might be nice to be Richard Brautigan’s girlfriend, at least for a day. It turned out that the photograph of Brautigan and his girlfriend on the cover of “Trout Fishing in America” was taken in the park across the street from Anisse’s house. So Anisse had John Michael Berry take this picture of her in the EXACT location and then after some computer magic, voila, Anisse with Richard Brautigan! And wearing a dramatic architectural swing coat and sexy black open-toed wedges.  In case you were wondering, here is the original photograph:

This is Hillary Sledge. We went to elementary school together, and I have seen her exactly one time since then, which just so happened to be last Friday night at a champagne bar in Uptown. She and her beaux look so old-school in this photograph! I was almost expecting it to be an old photograph of her grandparents. Talk about classic style. The extra long bead necklace is the modern detail that gives it away, which I love, as well as the “ethnic” feel to the beads in contrast to the very western feel of the floral dress and cardigan.

I wish I had a better word than “ethnic.” It just seems so coded in a weird way. I mean, white people have ethnicities, but what I’m really saying is I think those beads look like they were made/inspired by cultures in the eastern/southern part of the globe. What can we say instead, smart fashion people?

photo by Denise Lavergne

This is Krys. She went to the same highschool as me but a few years later. And she’s wearing a reverse tuxedo with jeans. Dapper.

This is Sa Rah Jane. She is the chef at Hibiscus, makes the best fried chicken of anyone ever, including your granma, yeah I said it WHAT? — and is stylish besides. She has a sick shoe game and is a denim expert. Just as an example, she recently had a status update about keeping a pair of jeans in her freezer. That’s dedication. Anyway, I love this all blue/all natural fiber look going on.

This is Nancy Nadel and Sele Nadel-Hayes. I’ve met Sele a few different times over the course of my life, but most recently we worked together at a restaurant. Her mom you may recognize as the progressive Oakland city councilperson for District 3, an office she has held for a reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllly long time now. I liked Nancy’s casual, practical, pantsuit in this picture. It’s not girly and fussy and pretentious looking like the suits of another contemporary Nancy — Reagan. I really felt inspired by this picture — The strong career woman with her daughter. Also, the pink flower in Sele’s hair is the best.

This is Raven, and she is one of my mentee’s. This is her prom picture! The mentor in me is maybe not so happy about the side cut-outs, but the fashion person in me thinks they’re great. I love the oversized print and intricate beading details.

This is Melissa Hung, and she is my boss! Also, She has some of the best office-fashion I have ever seen in my life. That is not kissing up, that is just the truth. This photograph is from a recent trip to DC to represent WritersCorps, my employer, at the white house, where we were invited by MICHELLE OBAMA. Asymetrical neckline/skinny belt/architectural sleeve detail = WIN.

This is Matthew Leet, a.k.a. Sexy Beast, Referee for the B.ay A.rea D.erby girls. Generally speaking he has this thick-black-glasses/skinny tie thing going on that is awesome, but the best part is he has a sense of humor and adventure that means he’s not afraid to wear some jeggings or, in evidence above, a pair of gold spandex shorts. Did you notice the tie clip?

This is Trenton Stiendorf. He was my student in Creative Writing at SFSU. He wrote romantic ethereal fiction and was one of the only students who had read Saussure before I taught him in class.   Also he is a great dresser. Pink and green and navy! Hurrah! I dig the high/short collar on this shirt and the slim silhouette of the outfit. Baggy is one thing if you’re a hip-hop guy but if your aesthetic is classic your clothes should fit. Right?

photo by Hanna Quevedo Photography

I will leave you with the incomparable Leah Perloff, who you may remember from the inaugural Hi, You’re Stylish! post. She is wearing a fucking animal skull around her neck. It’s HUGE! Look at the look in her eyes! ARE YOU SCARED? (Also yes on her friends bowl hair cut and colored chevron shirt).

Watch out facebook friends — if your profile pic is the business, you might end up in the next edition of Hi, You’re Stylish!




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i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. Tristan Janeiro

    Very cool. You are so sweet. I liked them all! oxxoxoxo

  2. Whatever, Carrie Leilam Love is the most beautiful, fashionable, intensely ethical, graceful woman I know (except for my mom – sorry Carrie). So this is an honor of the highest order. Girl, you know I aspire to be a tenth of you. xo, Neesie

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