Summer Shoes and other Accoutrement! (For Boating and other Gentlemanly Pursuits.)

You guys, it’s been a HEATWAVE in New England! Be careful what you wish for, right? Just kidding, I love it. I don’t give a shit. I have an air conditioner and I’m wearing shorts right now so WHATEVER, WEATHER! Last night we awoke to a 2 AM FUCKING HAILSTORM. I have been in lazy California elements for too long. This is serious.

Here’s something that I could have used yesterday:

Stutterheim Arholma Raincoat

This beautiful raincoat from Stutterheim is perfect for summer showers. Additionally, their company slogan is “Swedish Melancholy at its Driest.” What?! OK! I love the Nordics. They’re so intense.

Summer scarves are so much less awful when it’s a day of rain and not a whole summer of freezing fog. Check out this awesome situation, staring a guy from GQ Italia and proving, as usual, that everyone in Europe dresses better than us:

GQ Italia Summer Scarf

For your added convenience, here’s your Topman alternative:

Aztec Scarf from Topman

As salty New Englanders say (in my office, yesterday), We skip seasons here. Tahday it’s spring, yestahday was summah. 

In celebration that tahmarrow will be summah again, here’s a bunch of rad shoes to wear on the boat on the way to the harbor islands (that’s my weekend, guys!):

Penguin Canvas Boat Shoe from Topman

Duh. A nice, modern twist on my favorite summer shoe.

Everyone knows that color is what’s up this season–even Boston! I’m really surprised because one year Michael famously wore a very bright combo here on a summer visit and people were all Stare-y McStares at her. Things have changed. Now even the commuter rail businessmen are blowing it up with shades of yellow, green and pink. It looks so good! Here, wear these:

Clarks x Concepts Ashcott Shoe Collection

If you are burlier than me–or a sassy gay man–you might be able to pull these off:

Fred Perry Woven Stripe Footwear--Too Precious?

On another shoe tip, I’ve been seeing a lot of mid-tops with shorts, and I’m into it. I like these chukkas:

Vans California Chukka Decon

Finally, summer is all about manjewelry. I continue to covert this necklace by Giles  & Brothers:

Giles & Brothers Embedded Dagger Necklace

Yours, again, in weather solidarity,



About Thomas Page McBee

Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:


  1. I’ve been pondering for about two years now whether I should start wearing a silver summer necklace, something simple to go with a v-neck. I need to think less and do more. Thanks for the green light, Thomas!

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