Departing and Arriving: IBC Says Goodbye to Leo Plass and Welcomes Ricky Tucker

Hello, IBC readers! Sadly, IBC co-founder, Leo Plass, is leaving us for other pastures. It’s been awesome reading his style tips and wardrobe suggestions and generally getting a glimpse into the workings of his dapper brain, but [bummer alert] all good things end at some point. He’ll be on the internet somewhere real soon!

Ricky Tucker in his natural state, photo by Kareem Worrell

Don’t worry, though! Thursdays won’t be big dead spaces. We’re lucky enough to have won the heart of art critic and At A Glimpse Magazine founder and editor, Ricky Tucker! Ricky is a Bostonian, soon to be New Yorker, by way of North Carolina. He’s a gentleman and a scholar, a man of style and substance, and  a man obsessed with Mary J. Blige. Ricky’s musings on art and pop culture can be found on Big Red & Shiny, and At A Glimpse, to name a few.

Ricky dresses for the cocktail hour, is attracted to nihilist puffy paint shirts (true story), and believes that clothes exist to either negate or accentuate the self; whatever it takes to light up a room.

Ironing Board Collective readers, welcome to Ricky Tucker! His inaugural post will be up next Thursday!

About Michael von Braithwaite

Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.


  1. Thomas Page McBee


  2. Thomas Page McBee

    (Hooray for Ricky, sad face for Leo)

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