Preppy Runs Deep/GANT Rugger

I have a serious preppy problem.  Well it’s not a problem anymore now that I don’t pretend I’m punk while listening to folk music like I did in my youth.  Growing up poor in Connecticut I didn’t dress preppy, that was for the rich kids.  But, preppy runs through my veins thicker then water.  It makes my heart race.  Preppy is the new punk.  With tattoos more likely then not on people 18-30 the new way to fight the man, is to, not fight the man.

GANT Rugger is seriously dedicated to preppy.  The company started manufacturing shirts in New Haven, CT back in the day and in 1949 began their own label.  I was BORN in New Haven people!  At Yale’s hospital no less.  I told you this shit runs deep.

GANT ads from the 50’s and 60’s.

GANT got bought out and moved out of New Haven.  But, in wanting to stay true to their heritage, opened a store there(on Yale’s campus) last year.  And their campaign has been very New Haven based ever since.  Check out the GANT Rugger Spring/Summer ‘Gangs of New Haven’ video.

And their even MORE amazing, pre-Autumn ‘New Haven Math Club’ video.  “Popped collars are not for scholars”!!!, and other great tips.  This video kills me.

Here’s some looks from F/W 2010.

I was, quite literally, born to shop here.


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  1. chrispy

    Very nice. Let me know if I can pick you up a little something. Let me know well in advance, so I can get another job or hit the lottery first : – ) C

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