Happy Trippy Creepy Sad: Models with Balloons

BALLOONS! I think Balloons are happy. They make me feel like a kid and are a visual reminder to be light-hearted.  That is why I wanted to bring you pictures of Models with balloons:

Hepburn in Funny Face! One of the best fashion movies ever. Hepburn’s entire wardrobe for the film was done by Givenchy, which is really fun to say. Geevawnsheee.

Now THAT is a picture that shows how happy balloons can make a person. Also, how Happy Balloons can make a Person. Get it?

Sunset Balloongasm.

It turns out of course, that not everyone thinks balloons are happy.  In our culture people are suspicious of anything that is innocent and happy and generally will find a way to juxtapose that thing with non-congruent subject matter to make a point:

The psychadellic 60s. Balloons and cardboard women and disembodied hands holding watermelon totally go together when hallucigens are involved.

Can she see? I don’t think she can see. Way to make something happy into something anxiety producing, art director.

Hey there, your band cap is awesome and whatever gold-button embellished white crocodile thigh boot thing you have going on is amazing but why do you look so fucking sad?! You have BALLOONS.

The smoking plus balloons plus the sensible shoes make me really wonder about this person. Is that a graduation robe? Is she sneaking away from her family for a smoke?

Here are some people who made balloons creepy:

The colors are amazing in this photo. I love how everything looks washed out, and the color blocking in the outfit on the left is so great with the metallic belt.

What is it about balloons and women with masks/covered faces? Is that a thing? I like what is going on with volume in this outfit. It’s poofy without being too poofy.

And some people who have managed to take all the joy out of balloons completely:

Why would you do this?

Why are you depressed? You have Balloons!

One of my happiest Balloon memories is of watching The Red Balloon, an old French film.

What a great outfit! I love his tone-on-tone neutral dressing, and his book bag is so utilitarian and minimalist in the best way.

I love how he seems kind of contemplative in this picture – it looks to me like he is smiling a little bit around the balloon string. Joy is not always jumping up and down, sometimes it is quiet and peaceful and sweet.

I used to daydream about this happening to me! How fun is that?

Finally, Bowie Balloon.




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