Mens Swim Shorts for 2011

I would like to go swimming soon.  I would like to go swimming all the time.  It’s the one thing I really don’t like about San Francisco.  Literally surrounded by the ocean…and the water’s too damn cold to get into.  Anyway, enough about that.  Here’s my top picks for mens swim shorts this year.

Topman map print swim trunks.  I only wish these were just the map print without those stamps, but geez can I be picky.  Also, I gotta say, I switched to elastic waist swim trunks last year and they are way more comfortable with way less ass crack when stepping out of the water.

Ralph Lauren tropical rhino print.  I think it may be saying something weird to have rhino’s on your swim shorts.  But, maybe you say weird things.

J. Crew island scene board short.  I can dig it.

Franks, an Australia brand, gets trunks done.  I really like the gingham as well as the 3 stripe ones.

Hell fucking yes!  These Bantu shorts are the shit.  Bantu was founded by Yodit Eklund under the mission “to support and grow African economy while providing high-quality working standards, opportunities for growth, and living wage to its workers”, says Yodit in her interview with Vanity Fair.  These styles available through Opening Ceremony and more prints as well as longer versions are available through Barneys.  And check out the ladies line, ladies!

It just wouldn’t be a swimwear post by me without Orlebar Brown.  They were my 2010 favorites and they remain my 2011 favorites.  End Story.

Sometimes I want to do stuff before I hit the beach or after I hit the beach.  You know, like eat lunch or have a drink or climb a mountain or something.  Anyway, these next two picks are for multi-taskers.

 Wintercheck Factory dual use short.  They’ve got some sort of hydrowick coating, fancy Japanese mesh lining that snaps in or out and are made in Brooklyn, NY.  Perfect purchase if you’re not sure you’ll make it to the shore much.  Come in black or grey.  These look like the cut off polyester pants my friend Stearns has been swimming in for years.

Outlier 3 way trunks.  “Run, swim or just straight up look good.”.  Wicking material this and that, also made in New York.  Whatever, sounds right on to me.

Good Day to you.


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