Lighten Up–It’s Summertime!

I LOVE summertime. And, as you know, the missus and I are moving back east in like five minutes and we’re super excited to contemplate our backyard in genuine, sustained warm weather. SUMMERTIME!

In celebration of the dog days ahead, this post addresses warm weather sartorial concerns. You know how I feel about shorts but there is so much more to say about how to not look like a tool when things get sweaty. Here we go.

Summer is a time to not take oneself so seriously. It’s hot, the nights are long, and the living is easy. Relax. Break a few rules.  Play hooky from work. Wear a suit with a t-shirt (but only if said t-shirt looks expensive).


In the Yucatan, Michael and I learned a valuable lesson about wearing white: namely, Americans are silly for not doing so all summer long. It looks sophisticated, reflects the sun, and suggests a life of leisure that you can pretend you have even if you don’t.

Brad Pitt at Cannes, Jazz Hands

Yeah, that’s Brad Pitt. And he looks awesome. He looks fucking RICH. Which he is, but that’s beside the point. You, too, can look like you never get your hands dirty. That’s what all-white does. Classes you up.

Kanye at Cannes, Killing It. With Sweat.

Less surprisingly, Kanye does this look even better than Pitt. Also, Kanye is rich. But never you mind. Just get yourself some white pants and do it up.

What if you want to be a little more relaxed, a little more beach-y? Is the beach a reason to look like a slob? NO! Everyone knows this about the beach! If you’ve worked out to achieve beach body, why ruin it with a stupid outfit? Sigh. Priorities!

Steve McQueen, Beaching it Up

Life hero, Steve McQueen. He looks exactly right for the beach. His clothes flatter him without making him look preened. He knew what he was doing. There’s no reason any person could not pull this off. Down with the cargo shorts and oversized t-shirt!

Are you going to a summer wedding? Fun! I’m officiating one on the Boston Harbor Islands so I’m obsessed with designing my outfit. I love this madras bow tie:

Spring Madras Bow Tie from Fine and Dandy

Again, summer is a time of full bloom color. The world is full of sunlight, man! Are you attending a beach wedding? Is the couple awesome? Okay, live a little. Weddings are a whole lot more fun if you use them as style opportunities. They are basically fancy parties for love. What is the problem?

(Sorry, I’m punchy, dudes. I’m moving in a week. There is no art on the walls of our house. My Libra heart is an aesthetic withdrawal. I just want everyone to look nice.)

Speaking of the wedding at hand, I am going to buy this excellent H&M blazer for the occasion:

H&M Unlined $50 Navy Blazer

It is inexpensive and cut slim for leaner fellas. Beyond that, it’s a great summer blazer–unlined and relaxed, rumpled but polished. That’s what summer’s about–a little wind in your hair.

Speaking of, I love this look:

New line from Grant Rugger, "New Haven Math Club"

It’s a fresh take on the school boy look. Though it’s a little more spring-y than summer-y, I like the seersucker shirt and the easy, rolled up sleeves. I want to wear outfits like this to work at my new job.

Finally, did you get in on the work boot look this winter? Me, too. Now that it’s about to get hot, time to retire those puppies. But what about these:

Yuketen Maine Guide Strap Shoe

I love them! The low cut makes them perfect for shorts and a nice way to dress up a pair of dark jeans.
Summer is for lovers, amusement parks and afternoon movies. It’s for icy bottle Coke and sand in your hair, coconut sunblock and t-shirts after dark. It’s about, most importantly, NOT-WINTER. Let your clothes reflect the ease and Technicolor of the season and you’ll only enjoy it that much more.


About Thomas Page McBee

Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:

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