Elvis Presley Before the Glitter and Gold

I have never been a huge fan of Elvis Presley’s music.  Don’t love it, don’t hate most of it.  But, Elvis gets overlooked as a fashion icon.  He did it to himself with those latter day glittery suits.  And Vegas helps by maintaining that image of him.  But, before all that, Elvis had mad style.  He should receive his due props as a fashion icon.

Dig the fisherman turtleneck.

Give me that jacket.

What the side belt action?

What’s that kid so mad about?

A few too many.  It don’t stay pretty, kids.

Looking like a Hollywood leading man.

Sure it’s standard issue, but, he sure puts swagger into it.  What if Bieber had to join forces?  Well, he’s Canadian so he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. But still.

Calm down Elvis, your outfit is spot on.

Same outfit, still pissed.

Proving you can rock a sweater in a double breasted one.

I don’t know if you’re noticing, but, the guy paid attention to socks.

Cowboy/pirate shirts.

Preppy at Graceland.  Which has carpeted ceilings by the way.

Those gloves gotta go.  But, the sherpa sweatshirt, very Topman.

So, there it is.  Elvis Presley = Fashion Icon.

Thank ya’ very much.


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