Your Own Personal Jesus

I am about to unpack why Jesus is a style hero/influence, and I want to make it clear off the bat: I’m not a believer, nor am I particularly irreverent. I’m not trying to be controversial or silly.

If I really reflect on my Jesus interest, it might be that–despite a youthful run of low-impact delinquency–my rebellions tend to be of the quieter variety. And, in a lot of ways, I think that’s why I think Jesus as a dude seemed pretty awesome. I think that the visual image we have–doe-eyed and bearded–combined with the myth of a sensitive and principled dissident, femininely masculine, can lead to an inspired look.

I am not joking. Jesus would  fit right in with artists through the ages:

I first really contemplated Jesus as fashion touchstone when I saw The Royal Tenenbaums ten years ago. Wes Anderson must have been thinking of the ultimate martyr when directing Luke Wilson as the fallen, tortured Richie Tennenbaum.

Luke Wilson in the Royal Tennenbaums

The headband is a little goofy but I’m actually really into the long hair/beard/tennis uniform/blazer situation going on here. I also should note that it’s pretty fantastic that Richie symbolically sheds his role as victim by losing the beard and hair (and surviving a suicide attempt), but he looks great even when he feels defeated.

Every poor bastard with dark, curly hair, intense eyes and the weight of the world on his shoulders has a little Jesus in him. Al Pacino’s subtle reference is great as the artfully disheveled Serpico, a cop who tries to do the right thing and then gets royally fucked by his apostles–I mean buddies.

Al Pacino as Serpico

I am of this Judeo-Christian culture and therefore I find the whole look poetic. Speaking of downtrodden poetry, who is more representative of the street bard than Bruce Springsteen?

The Boss, Jesus-vibe

Except for, perhaps, Mr. Dylan:

Bob Dylan, Jesus-y

If he grew a beard, you know he’d look like God’s son. Which is all the more apropos, given his recent conversion from Judaism to Christianity.

My favorite Jesus-look comes courtesy of Adrien Brody, who I love because his weird  nose and pointy face bear a passing resemblance to my own. And ladies think he’s handsome!  Also, when I picture him I always think of him as skinny and I remember that most of the time he’s buff as all get out. Go on, Adrien!

Adrien Brody, Tropical Jesus

I enjoy that he always looks like he’s having a nice time. Sailing, wearing straw hats–Brody is a pretty relaxed Jesus;  Jesus without the whole crucifying/save the world thing.

Finally, my pal Rocco Kayiatos, better known as romantic rapper Katastrophe, definitely has a Jesus look about him:


Tattooed Jesus! You know Jesus would love tattoos.

In summary, perhaps it says something about my psychology but I don’t care. “Jesus” is a look and I like it. I am a guy with wild, curly brown hair and a sensitive heart, and I’m clearly not the only one to look to the Man himself for the ultimate good guy style.


About Thomas Page McBee

Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:


  1. love it. and let us not forget Robert Plant. the ease here:

    what I always marveled at in jesus was that ease.
    that must have really rankled PP, that he could still look so good even after being nailed to a cross.

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