Birkenstock: The Rebuttal

Weeks ago I posted about my hate of flip flops for men.  I offered up Birkenstocks as an alternative.  The people spoke out and most were very hateful towards Birks.  Usually I would let such a matter drop.  I don’t generally feel a need for people to agree with me.  However 4 weeks later on a Sunday afternoon I found myself searching the internet for proof of Birks being good-looking for guys.  Seriously people!, when I say wear Birkenstocks I’m not saying to wear them with an ugly outfit.  I’m never saying to wear an ugly outfit.  You can’t let people with bad fashion steal things that are good.  You will have nothing left.  Read em’ and weep.

Backyard Bill

stolen from: Backyard Bill, which is a kick-ass blog you should be looking at.



from UNIONMADE’s Autumn/Winter 2010 lookbook.  Unionmade is a kick-ass store in San Francisco you should be shopping at.  They also just opened a new location in Santa Monica, CA and sell shit on their website.  Your welcome.

If you still think Birkenstock’s are only for dirty hippies(what’s wrong with hippies anyway?peace, love and happiness people.) then there is nothing I can do for you.  But they are obviously for EVERYONE.  If this post helped change just 1 persons mind I am happy.  You think you’re a rebel?  Why you got so many rules, man.



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  1. i bough a pair of birkenstocks a few years ago and it’s like walking around with your feet in a loose hug all day. i particularly like to wear them with very short dresses. i think they look great, although people never cease to give me shit about them.

  2. libby

    APPLAUSE….I’m ready to get Bizerkenstock!!!

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  4. Page McBee

    I am a convert!

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  6. chrispy

    you cannot have my birkenstocks. not for any price. not for any worldly reward. my birkenstocks are on my happy, hippie feet; and they will remain there most probably until one of said feet has a toe tag. my birkenstocks are so bad they’re good. they are so good i am going to hide them from you. find another target, like, maybe, those chinese canvas mary janes.

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