70s Denim and the Jeanius of Katie Holmes

The 70s were the best ever decade for fashion. Ever.  And right now they’re hot again, and I love it. And because they’re hot right now, 7 for all mankind made some WIDE flares and every celebrity on earth is rocking them. And I want them. The general look is to pair them with a flowy/loose oxford blouse — it’s a classic look for a reason. It looks good. duh.

Heidi Klum

Kourtney Kardashian

Katie Holmes

Heidi, Kourtney, and Katie all seem to have different body types and this look is smashing on all of them. Speaking of Katie Holmes, remember when she started the entire “boyfriend jean” trend? Remember when she looked super dyke-y doing it and and you secretly thought she was hot but never admitted it because you were worried all your queermo friends would judge you? No? Let me remind you:

It’s no accident hollywood and the rest of us followed Katie into boyfriendjeanlandia.  She is kind of a jeanius. More evidence:

But back to my crush du’jour, wide leg flares… The fantastic people over at SFStyle found this lovely lady just running around looking like she stepped out of 1974 and into my heart:

And here is some skinny blond model in a really fancy version of the look:

And here are Charlie’s Angels who made the look Iconic:

And here is Rachel Zoe:

Ok. I know Zoe is mainstream and celebrity and so blinged/branded out that most of the time it’s hard to remember that she actually does have great style.  I admire her less than people with more ingenuity, but I heart her still for two reasons. The first reason is that on season one of “The Rachel Zoe Project” one time when Brad was crying she said to him, “It’s just clothes. It’s not like, life or death. No one is going to die.”  And the second reason is she LOVES the 70s just like me. We share a “forever decade.”

And here is Jodie Foster in the seventies looking like a big queermo and it’s so fucking amazing:




About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. Anisse Gross

    The only thing missing from this post is a picture of Carrie Leilam Love in jeans – no one wears them like you do!

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