Nouveau Yankee

So, in less than a month the Missus and I are returning to New England, land of boat shoes, dark color palettes and peacoats. This got me thinking–the most current looks in men’s fashion are a way of life in the land of LL Bean and J.Crew. In fact, both of those brands have done some bad-ass collaborations in recent seasons. Heritage is suddenly cool and where is heritage more real than America’s birthplace?

In preparation for a new era of cross-country IBC (don’t worry, Mom & Dad still love each other and the family is staying together), today I present to you summer looks for the Nouveau Yankee. Because though New England has a well-deserved reputation for brusqueness, smarts and sarcasm, it also is often overlooked as ground zero for some of our most classic, rugged style. So here is what I will wear in the months ahead, while enjoying a REAL SUMMER on the Atlantic:

Sperry Top-siders for a New Age

Boat shoes are for real in New England. In Boston last weekend, I saw so many excellent color variations on frat guys, lesbians and hipsters. It’s like everyone is on their way to the yacht club, and I like that.

LL Bean Signature Navy Waxed Hunting Boots

But if it’s fake spring and you need to hustle back into your boots, then these just completely kick ass. LL Bean is on such a roll lately. Plus, every time I look at their ad campaigns my hearts swells with deep longing to be a lobsterman on the rocky shores of Maine. AMERICA!


The thing to remember is that at some point we will experience hot weather for more than a couple weeks at a time! Summer is my favorite season and I have missed it in San Francisco. I’m excited to continue my obsession with a sailing aesthetic without having to bring like one million layers out and about:

J. Crew 1

Don’t know why he’s in dress shoes but otherwise I agree. Know what I like more?

J. Crew Opposite

I am committed to wearing color in New England but since it’s very shocking for virgin eyes there, I plan on injecting just a bit into summer outfits. I think this blue does a great job of brightening things without assaulting anyone.

My secret goal is to figure out some time where it would be appropriate to wear this outfit:

Nanamica x Ellesse Capsule Collection

I love matching tops and bottoms, even though I understand that this look is best reserved for jammies. I can totally see this working out in Provincetown and since Michelle Tea has been lobbying for a reunion there this summer, I might have to wear this business while mingling with so many whimsical gays.

Finally, many say that Boston is a town without style. This is hurtful and sometimes true. However, as proof that there the denizens of Beantown know what’s up, I present to you this creepy cell phone shot I took of a teenager’s AWESOME backpack on the T:

This kid and his friends were awesome–they looked like they just got back from Tokyo. Not what you’d expect from New England, right? Full of surprises!

Anyway, I am looking forward to posting to you from the wild and wonderful world of wool and windbreakers, where the men tend to have more tattoos and everyone still loves the Red Sox even though they are basically the opposite of the scrappy underdog team they once were. Let’s not speak of that! Let’s speak instead of boat houses and where the fuck you find a North Face jacket that doesn’t make you look like a tool. And, of course, of a summer where sitting out on your hammock in the evening is not a dream but a reality. Linen pants, I hear you calling!


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