Legalize Willie & Snoop

Yesterday, 4/20, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson released this here video.  It’s Willie’s song Superman being done by the both of them.  Enjoy.

Considering both of these guys are style icons this collaboration called for much better fashion.  A style collaboration of western/hippy/hip-hop would have been nice.  Here’s some things I would have put them in if they’d hired me as their stylist.  Or some things you may want to wear to smoke up and listen to the song in.  Hey man, just a suggestion, no pressure.

From the Brooklyn Circus 2011 Spring shirt collection

Cause full gingham can be overwhelming.

And so can full floral.  These shirts are perfecto.

The Our Legacy  rain and thunder shirt is even named for the occasion.

Also Our Legacy

Don’t mess around with cowboy hats, get yourself a Stetson

Will I ever own that one, it’s the 3rd time I’ve put it in a blog.

Wrangler isn’t just for high wasted fade washed jeans anymore.  The Wrangler Blue Bell collection is darn cool.

Ralph Lauren accessories

Visvim suede varsity jacket

Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony

Grenson x Tenue De Nimes denim boots

Ok, and here’s a Snoop Dogg ft Willie Nelson and Everlast video.


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