TV on the Radio’s Psychedelic Cool

TV on the Radio‘s new album, Nine Types of Light, continues their reign as the kings of trippy, hazy, warbling rock. Their music has always had a weirdo edge–something dark and pulsing underneath Tunde Adebimpe’s pretty wail.

I want so much for people to look good. Of course, the sad but true fact is that most humans choose not to board the style train and musicians are not necessarily exempt from that statement. There’s something oddly disappointing about people in the spotlight giving up their potential for glamor in all its forms. Which is exactly why I always feel super stoked to find out that the bands I like look as good as they sound.

TV on the Radio in Tailored Clothes

With the exception of the kind of dweeby white guy (who’s fine but whatever), these guys are doing an AWESOME job. I particularly love the intelligentsia, bearded look favored by Tunde Adebimpe (second from right) and Kyp Malone (far right). If I were to form a mental picture of what I most want the people behind Wolf Like Me to look like in their off time, it would be this:

Kyp Malone at Lollapalooza. Hes cool. Lollapalooza is not.

Shirt: Awesome. Glasses: Awesome. Beard: Awesome. Boots: Awesome. BAM!

And, relatedly:

Tunde Adebimpe, Amazing Glasses/Shirt/Hat

Are these two sharing a shirt? Adorable! I love Adebimpe’s glasses, his ease, his neat beard and his cocked hat.

Kyp Malone = BEARD

I love that Kyp Malone 100% looks like he time traveled here from the early seventies and quickly adjusted himself to current trends without ever abandoning his roots.

Camo + Tie

Is Kyp Malone in camo and a tie? WHY YES! I don’t know what everybody else is doing. Never you mind.

Finally, is there a reason people aren’t dressed like this more in my life? If there is, there shouldn’t be.

A Million Bucks

If you have an hour, amuse yourself with this very strange and very epic video version of Nine Types of Light:

I think my work here is done.


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  1. Lizzy

    He was incredibly charming in the movie Rachel Getting Married.

  2. Michelle Tea

    YES! Thank you for this! I LOVE Tunde Adebimpe!

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