A Little Bit More Country

Michelle’s post on Lorretti made me do this.

Country music has gone to shit along with the fashion of country stars.  As a country music fan I’ve been asked by kids and adults alike, “why is Taylor Swift considered country music?”.  My answer is, I have no idea!  Let us forget about all of that and go back in time when country stars weren’t wearing True Religion jeans and singing pop songs.  If you like music, I’ve linked all these guys to awesome songs all you gotta do is click their names to see videos of them, so, you’re welcome.

Hank Williams Sr. was quite a dapper guy.

Ernest Tubb keeps it classic

Hank Snow was a flashy guy.

I would kill for that shirt.

I love old country music because it’s totally masculine to sing about crying in your beer and being down and out and done wrong in general.  This crosses over into the fashion of country music, as, it is also manly to wear flowers on your shirts or jackets.  Here’s another shot of Hank Snow, in roses.

Gram Parsons walks a country line for sure.  He ushered the most country of all clothing into the rock and roll world, Nudie Suits.

While Nudie suits were first worn by the likes of Lefty Frizzell they found their way into all music genres as well as Hollywood and have been worn by all kinds including, ZZ Top, Elton John, Wilco, Elvis, Robert Redford and too many to list.  Jamie Nudie moved to California and started Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, first making the suits out of his garage.  He was the first person to put rhinestone’s on clothing.  So, much blame and acclaim should be given to this guy.  Let’s take a look at some country greats in Nudie suits.

Porter Wagoner

George Jones

Buck Owens and his Buckaroos

Faron Young

I could do this all day, therefore, I gotta step away.  See, now my brain only thinks in country music.

Good Day.

PS…Yes I know about Willie and Johnny, I just talk about them here all the time and am giving you a break.


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  1. Page McBee

    Do you know that fellow IBC-er Michael Braithwaite is granddaughter to Country Music Hall of Fame-r Jerry Byrd? http://www.jerrybyrd-fanclub.com/

  2. Leo Plass

    You gotta be F’n me! Steel guitar is like the holy grail. Is that why her father is so stylin?

  3. Michelle Tea

    Hank Snow’s GLASSES! They’re like cat-eyes for men! Amazing! Also he looks like Mister Rogers if Mister Rogers had had some actual emotions and made different life choices.

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