Flip Off!

Dear EVERYONE, flip flops are for dirty shower floors!  I swear, the sun comes out and you put your flip flops on.  Are your feet really that hot?  The name itself lends towards discomfort so don’t even try that line of reasoning.  I was walking behind someone wearing them just the other day and every other step this person took their heal flopped off the flip and hit the sidewalk.  In NY it’s the worst, because the wearers of the flops feet turn black with dirt.  Gross.  And stop it.  Here is a list of acceptable sandals.  And don’t tell me they are too expensive.  You flip flop wearers buy a new pair or 2 every year.  Put your wallet where your mouth is and buy a pair of sandals you can wear for years to come.

South Willard of Los Angeles makes my favorite sandals.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Birkenstocks are acceptable.

Sporty black sandals were all over the Spring/Summer 2011 runways.  I say it’s a no go.  Sure if you’re wearing a black Lanvin suit they might put an interesting quirk into your look.  But, are you wearing a Lanvin suit to the beach/park?  I didn’t think so.  If you must get sporty, go with something from Teva, like theses Hurrican XLT in Navajo Blue.  Stay cool about it, don’t pair with baggy cargos please.

Gladiator sandals have also been raging in the menswear scene.  Most often these look like women’s sandals to me.  Here’s a pair from Buttero I think are manly enough to do the trick.

Also, Buttero.

Ralph Lauren offers these almost flip flops.

Full foot coverage isn’t a bad thing.  These Castaner espadrilles are available at Mr. Porter.

Or, Rivieras leisure shoes.

If you must at all costs wear flip flops then keep it classy.  Here’s a couple even I can get behind(kind of).


J. Crew.

Ladies, please don’t think you are exempt from this flip flop dilemma.  You can glue as many flowers and plastic diamonds to the things as you want, they are still ugly, actually uglier with that shit.  I’ve seen many a dress ruined by looking down to your dirty flip flop feet.  I call out to fellow IBC womenswear detailers to help you(this is probably a job for you, Michael).  If no one else does it, I will take it on myself as a personal challenge.

Good Day to you!


About Leo Plass

Casual Elegance. I'd be happy to answer any style quandaries. Send them my way to leoplass@gmail.com if you dare.


  1. Beth

    I loove these wilards! I am getting them pronto, so flip off!

  2. those tevas are unacceptable. the only acceptable ones are the weird high-heeled ones. men should NEVER EVER wear tevas unless they have the legitimate excuse of being a river rafting guide.

  3. michaelvonbraithwaite

    Challenge accepted. Monday’s post will be all about how NOT to wear flippie floppies. Only acceptable sandals allowed within my visual range.

  4. meghan

    Yes, my feet are that hot. *eyeroll*

    If I could find these sober South Willard sandals in my size though…

  5. chrispy

    Thank you for validating by Birkenstocks. It’s the only thing I can wear comfortably. However, I must agree; those South Willard sandals are the best looking thing I’ve seen since I was an actual hippy.

  6. apples

    leo you forgot your crocs in my car

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