My Future’s So Bright

My vintage Playboy sunglasses broke a few months back.  I’ve been looking at sunglasses like a fiend ever since.  Since I have to put prescription lenses in, I only get a new pair every few years or when the olds break.  Anyway, it’s sunnier than hell these days and the clock is ticking.  Here’s some killer shades I’ve found in my journey.

The Vintage Frames Shop x Caviar Exotic Wood Collection

Fucking awesome.  I’m not into seeing the world through rose tinted glasses, but, I’d have to change the lenses anyway.

Schwood makes really cool wood shades like these.

Maybe you’d prefer something made out of bamboo.  Waiting For the Sun x Rockwell by Parra offers you just that with these.

Artist Andre` along with model Annabelle Dexter Jones designed these glasses for Illesteva.

Good luck getting your hands on those, only 80 pairs available worldwide!  I also enjoy the non collabed Illesteva Leonard frames used as the base design for the glasses shown above.

These are getting pretty round.  Here’s the Han Wolfgang tortoiseshell.

Super is always killin’ it.  Right now I’m feeling the Andrea Francis frame.

Get crazy and check out the Acne 2011 s/s sunglasses.

If you’re into more color with your shades, sorry I’ve deprived you.  These Oakley Acid Rain Frogskins take me back, in a good way.


My all time favorite shades right now are Ray-Ban Clubmaster.  But, Page covered Raybans in spades a few weeks back.

Good Day, I’m going outside to squint in the sun now.


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