Models Dancing

Michelle brought you Models Falling Down, Michael brought you Models Eating, and in the new IBC tradition of models doing stuff, Carrie Leilam Love brings you Models dancing!

Agnes Deyn as Michael Jackson in Bazaar's tribute to the late great entertainer.

Agnes likes to get down!


Chanel Iman shakes it on a talk show. I'm betting anything this is an upper-body only shake, based on those loubotain stilletoes.

Frida Gustavsson doing an interpretive number for a Swedish magazine.


Frida again, this time in a shimmy-worthy fringe skirt. She reminds me of Grace Potter in this shot.

Anja Rubik - looks like the photographer gave her the direction "floppy drunk at rock concert."

Dance battle of Supermodels! My money is on Naomi.

You knew Tyra would have the craziest pic right? Janet looks a little excited, a lot embarrased, which is exactly how I would feel in this situation.

Of everybody, Agnes looks the most like she is genuinely having fun! I choose her to party with. Which one of these girls do you want to go dancing with?





About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.

One comment

  1. Xan

    I dream of someone daring me to drop it like its hot in Louboutans. I will of course stipulate that when I pull it off I get to keep the shoes 😉

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