A Man and His Dog

My dog has lived to see another week.  Though her closeness to death has made me think, who am I without this dog.  I have had her since I was a wee lad, only 20 years of age.  I feel like I will actually look different when she is gone.  While dogs have more recently been called accessories, and that’s kind of gross, they have been making people look better for ages.  Let’s have a look.

Here’s John F. Kennedy with his favorite dog, Charlie.  It’s pretty much a requirement for the US President to have  a dog.  The people just can’t trust a guy to run the country if he doesn’t have a trusty dog pal.



JFK was a real animal lover though.  Here he is(wearing an American Apparel tank, wtf?) as a tike with his childhood dog.



And Obama with his dog that he had to get after being elected or we the people would be scared of his humanity.



That’s James Dean on the ol’ farm with his dog.



Rick Danko of The Band.  Obviously a hat lover.



The Man in Black Johnny Cash with his black dog.


And now for some regular folk.


I like that guys hobo sack backpack.














Matching icicle beards!  What the hell.












I really dig that guys look.  Must be the dog.



That guy is actually wearing a bear.



Good Day.




About Leo Plass

Casual Elegance. I'd be happy to answer any style quandaries. Send them my way to leoplass@gmail.com if you dare.


  1. NJG

    I like the shot of the man with his arm around his dog (from behind).

  2. Beth

    Its true! I have been thinking about how you will look (in my mind mostly) without Rebs! Ohhhh Rebs. xo

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