Dame Elizabeth Taylor had Advanced Style

You may have heard: This morning Elizabeth Taylor left us to be with Michael in fashion gangsta paradise.  You may or may not have heard: today the fantastic people at Advanced Style released an eponymous very short film, all about older ladies with style. These two things are unrelated except that the film (which you should absolutely watch!) inspired me to make this post a celebration of Elizabeth Taylor’s style in her advanced years! The internet is already brimming with lovely images of Liz in the Hollywood glory days, I thought it might be nice to break form and hang out with Great-Grandma Liz.

Personal style is more than just clothing. Here, Ms. Taylor shows us her iconic flirtatious side glance stayed as charming as ever in her advanced years.

See? If anything, the look is more charming in the first photograph, if only because it is candid and not posed.

Whoa BUSY!! Style wise, I think Liz fell in love with 80s excess and never looked back. I like that Liz never stopped dressing with glamour in mind. You never caught her like, “I’m old, I want to be comfortable. How about a velour track suit?” No sir. Fine fabrics and jewels to the very end. I would not be surprised if she took her last breath this morning cloaked in coture and dripping in diamonds.

Classy! Despite all the blingy accessories and the detail at the empire waist of this black gown it’s a toned-down look for Taylor. This woman had a vice-grip on Diva — high heels! Take THAT crazy-intense-right-toe-bunion and wheelchair. Tenacity is golden.

Even her little embellished flip flops have heels! Adorable. I love this look. This summer I am going to wear mu-mus everywhere.

Cleavage and collar bone! Our culture is extremely and problematically grossed out by any kind of body that does not look like a very thin 22-year-old woman’s body, so I applaud Ms. Taylor in not being afraid to show some skin.  In fact, Liz worked a casual off-the-shoulder look quite a bit in her later years:

Her chair-arms are upholstered in purple silk brocade, and compliment her purple outfit and gold bag.

This last outfit is my favorite of all. I love the 20s inspired dress – there’s something about art-deco that can be intricate and complicated without being gaudy — I think it’s because the patterns always use delicate lines to make simple, ordered, geometric shapes, so there’s always a calmness despite the complexity. And the pattern on the bag is a perfect mixed-match for the dress.

Elizabeth Taylor was glamorous in all her years!

Goodby Dame Liz! Kiss Michael for me.

Your Fan,



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