Hello/Goodbye Cruel World

So basically my dog is dying.  I thought I could still pull it together for a fashion post.  But I was wrong!  Very aloof about fashion today.  Sorry people, geez get off my back.  Anyway, two items have burrowed there way past my aloofness and so if anyone wanted to give me a sorry, about your dog gift, here’s what I suggest.

Timberland Boot Company oxfords.

These were in the Barneys catalog I got in the mail, shot in black and white and I knew immediately I wanted them no matter what color they were.  They come in an interesting green suede model too.  I’ll stick with classic browns though.

And these Persol sunglasses too.

Seeing as Rebel’s forthcoming death is robbing you of an actual post today I will leave you with this photo of her.

Yes that may be a nude person in the background.  Oh Baker Beach.

And lastly, this Led Zeppelin song that John Bonham wrote for his dog.



About Leo Plass

Casual Elegance. I'd be happy to answer any style quandaries. Send them my way to leoplass@gmail.com if you dare.


  1. carrieleilamlove

    Sorry about your friend, L. Sending good thoughts & well wishes your way. Also, those timbo oxfords are the business.

  2. emilyhg

    Hi Len,

    So sorry to hear about Rebel. Hope you’re doing ok.

    -Emily H-G

  3. banannze

    I am so so sorry to hear about Rebel. She is one of the best dogs i’ve ever known, hilarious and so good-looking at the same time. Puffy would not be the man he is today without her guidance and patience during a difficult transition.

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