Hi, You’re Stylish! At home and in the club with Leah Perloff.

The woman with the amazing expression in the background of the above photo is DJ Blak, someone I know from being gay. The woman in the foreground with the AMAZING FUCKING OUTFIT is Leah Perloff. Leah is a stylist/dance-party DJ in SF who I had never met when this photo popped up in my fb feed. This outfit is clearly stalk-worthy, so I clicked on Leah’s name.  What I found in “photos of Leah” was a golden-neon-fashion dream: outfit after creative and perfectly put-together outfit, no two were the same!  I felt like Lil Wayne on that song “I wanna fuck every girl in the world” except instead of fucking girls I wanted to wear every outfit Leah Perloff styled.

So, after wiping the drool off of my polyester blazer I clicked “send Leah a message” typed “Hi, You’re Stylish” in the subject box and asked if she wouldn’t mind me doing her on the Ironing Board. I hoped she would not be creeped out and take into account our 13 mutual fb friends before answering… which she did! And here we are!

Now, I am definitely going to bring you Leah in all her stylish glory, but first, let’s take a look at her bedroom private boutique that happens to have a bed in the middle of it.  Usually you meet the girl first and get into the bedroom later, but stick with me kid, I’ll larn ya sum thangs!

Welcome to the shoe department!  It looks like Jeff Campell (who I just may dedicate a full post to soon) had his way with this bookshelf and it birthed his glorious progeny. You cant see it, but the shelf is balancing on two foot-high stacks of past issues of Vogue.


Accessory department. There is no look that can’t be complimented by something on this tray! Solid Gold 70s? Hippie Glam? Punk Rock Stud? Check, Check, Check.

Accesory department continued: Girls say YES to boys who say no, and to southwestern belts and door knockers, too!!

Leah’s hands. I love the dark-tipped french manicure and chunky rings.  And I know you want to see those pants in full right?

Leah! You are wearing pegged high-waisted 80s floral pants with high-heeled clogs! I love you.  Also, the purse department. Classic quilted Chanel next to what looks like Whiting and Davis next to what looks Bottega Vanetta-y? And a posh European tapestry bag next to a fringed 80s western bag.  Somebody call the fucking Yankees this bitch has her bases COVERED!

Ok, now that you have seen the milieu, you are ready to see the magic Leah makes from it.

Here is the full outfit from the pic at the top of the post. Yes, that’s a scarf wrapped around her ankle.  This was for a party called Dial-Up which happens every third Thursday at Public Works. (Incidentally, she and her DJ buddy Pink Lightening will be guest DJing at Dial-Up tomorrow night). The party encourages attendees to come with a crew, prepared to battle other crews for most fabulous entrance, dance moves, and of course, fashion!  Her crew’s theme this night was “neon-90s chic-meets-tribal-realness.” I think hyphens were invented to link those 5 little concepts, I really do.

Leah called this outfit “70s Lesbian Jumper” which I like because besides an outfit it could also describe an old person who jumps on lesbians. There is something so wholesome about this look, I think it’s the braid.  Also, this is no ordinary jumpsuit. See the little ties at the side of the waist and the button loops on the right lapel? That is good design and good construction.

Leah wore this sheer gold skirt with denim-looking onsie and skinny red belt to Stay Gold, a party she throws on the last Wednesday of the month. Next week on the 30th is the 5 year anniversary of the party, at Public Works! You should go! Don’t you want to know what Leah will be wearing?

Ahh, a day look! This 90s inspired mini dress is by Leah’s friend Luxury Jones, the belt is Leah’s and was poached from a vintage prom dress she  thrifted for $1. ONE dollar!



That’s right. Her suspenders say BOSS — which is also the name of another party she DJs, the fourth Thursday of the month at Underground SF. But she is not at that party in this picture. In this picture she is living the fly-girl dream at Hard French. PS Those earrings look like public art! Someone should install one next to the rocket ship on Embarcadero.  Siiiiiiiiick.

Speaking of Hard French, Leah ran for Queen at their winter ball this January, where she wore this:

This look was inspired by Rihanna at last year’s Met Ball in a Dolce & Gabbanna tux, as well as look rocked by SJP in the Sex and the City sequel. If you ask me, Leah has done better than both of them and for a fraction of the price. She got the suit in L.A.’s Santee Alley, which for all you NorCal hippies like me who know nothing about our warm southern riegon is like L.A.’s version of Canal Street in NYC.  After dealing with a shop owner who who would not sell her a tuxedo because she is a girl!!! …She found this gem in a shop with a more evolved staff.  She didn’t even have to alter or tailor it at all! The criss-cross lace accessory is of her own design.

Facebook you are the timesuck from hell. But I am glad you brought me Leah Perloff! And I hope you’ll bring me more stylish strangers… Watch out IBC fb’ers, if your pfile pic is the sickness, you just might get a “Hi, You’re Stylish” in your inbox from yours truly.

If you want to hire Leah Perloff for your styling needs, you know where to find her.




About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. as someone who knows leah personally, you done chose right. hotness, hotness, and more hotness for sure.

  2. Frances R

    I want to read an article about Leah and the things she wears every day. The lady is a civic treasure!

  3. Malila Becton

    Yesss! Thanks for taking us into Leah’s bedroom for shoes belts and bangles (oh my!), And “neon-90s-chic meets -tribal-realness” is just plain awesome.

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