I’m Gonna Live Foreeeeever!

Dear IBC readers: I’m in deadline soup at my paying gig at the moment, meaning this post will be light on flippant engaging media criticism and heavy on images. A fitting moment to bring you pics of Gene Anthony Ray as Leroy Johnson in the 80s series Fame.  I already did my You’ll Never Be This Cool post, but consider this an addendum.

Gene Anthony Ray was queer IRL, and even though Leroy Johnson was straight, his character still presented an alternative take on the masculine.  This was reflected in his modern-dancer-meets-the-birth-of-hip-hop style — meaning the outfits (or lack thereof in some cases) were amazing.  Here goes:

Roller skates, exposed midriff, and a Fuck You. Leroy Johnson, I want to be you.




About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. Michelle Tea

    That last shot is so Alexander Wang!

  2. Just me

    Why are gay men so damn sexy??? smh…

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