Hemingway’s Garden of Eden

Ok, so I know I’m behind the times, but, I don’t watch movies very often.  I did watch Hemingway’s Garden of Eden about 6 months ago and didn’t blog about it then because it was already old news.  I didn’t like the movie.  Surprise surprise, this is why I don’t watch movies, I rarely actually like them.  With spring closing in and these characters outfits still in my head, I bring you pictures from a bad movie with awesome fashion.

Mena Suvari as Catherine

It had all the ingredients to make me think I would like it.  Writer guy falls in love with kooky girl who gifts him a car, they head out to the south of France and Spain on  luxurious honeymoon, strange sex and affairs ensue.  I don’t know, the pacing was off or something.

Let’s go, I’ll strap the Louis Vuitton onto the back of the car.

I’m embarrassed to say, I have never read the book.  Supposedly it’s not how Hemingway imagined it anyway, so it seems a kind of rude to read it anyway.  He worked on it for 15 years yet never finished it, so, it is really the work of editors gone wild.


Check out both these sunglass situations while you rethink matching outfits.

Do not rethink matching hair, it’s only for the movies.

Jack Huston as David.  You may recognize him from my previous blog as the guy with the prosthetic face on Boardwalk Empire.  Apparently he only acts in things with dead on style.

Catherine Murino as Marita.  Who they both then fall in love with.  Or something like that.

This character is super into matching accessories.

Those are real swim trunks and that is an actual belt on said real swim trunks.

Now let’s take a look at Enerst Hemingway himself.

Watch the movie these pictures really don’t do the style justice.  Maybe you’ll actually like it.

Good Day and don’t bleach your hair guys.

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